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Alchemie van Leven
the art of being
Timeless laws of life translated into the reality of the modern living man.

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Alchemy of Life

Alchemy of Life

  1. Alchemy of Life  - Training

  2. Inner Alchemy - Training

In Alchemy of Life we look how life in total melts together with your center and physical earth-body.  You learn to honor the gift of life and to develop your specific potential enclosed in this gift.

Alchemy of life is the art of creating the subtle life-essence through connecting with the 5 elements. Brewing your own magical elixir of life. Each one of the 5 elements carries a functional aspect of life.

How are the elements present in you and how do you cut yourself off of the Great Mother, the Earth and Great Father, the universe ?

Your life will become more complete and more fullfilling through being more conscious about what elements work on you through the day and what is the potential of that part that you don’t use.
The yeartraining is spread over 10 days.