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Alchemie van Man, Vrouw en Liefde
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Alchemy of the Wise Man

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Tao of man

Come on man, pick up your sword and let it shine!

Swordsmanship is these days often linked to war, aggression and death. In other words, this comes from what people think about the actions of unconscious men who don't know the nature of swordsmanship.

The body and mind of every single man IS in itself a shining sword. But, most men don't know their sword yet. Some believe they don't have one, because their father did not pas it on to them. Others are still in dependence of their mother, or their wife, or women in general. They are ashamed and feel unworthy to carry the sword.

Some of them realize they have a sword, but take it of when they are around women. Showing the daddy or the safe, feminine man.

Many other men have a fancy worldly sword that they use to run their business, do sports with friends or hunt after women...for real or in the virtual world. Few men realize that they do not only have, but in reality ARE the holy sword.

The only thing needed is someone who can show you how to unpack it! The holy sword has the potential to split and kill, but its purpose is to bless and awaken.

Get to know your inner sword, so that you can carry it with dignity and pleasure. Using it to shape a REAL world!

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