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Alchemie van Man, Vrouw en Liefde
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Alchemy of Man, Woman & Love

Relationship Coaching, coaching for men & women

If there is one thing in your life, that you can’t stop yourself from doing, it probably is: being attracted to a  relationship with a man or a woman. Whether we actually have or do not have a relationship, we are always drawn to each other, we interact with one another, as if we cannot get away from the opposite attraction…

What is the origin of man and woman, the essence of their nature? What does ‘being in relationship’ truly mean?

We see a relationship as a spiritual Vortex, a powerful place for transformation.

Partnership can be challenging, as we all know. Why is that? The good reason to be so demanding is that it has  the ability to transform us and that you have to put your engagement..

Man and Woman each have their special input in this commitment. They each come from a specific direction. (no, not Mars or Venus)

When we begin to understand who we really are as a Man, a Woman, where we come from and what our nature is,
when we comprehend where our relationship invites us to go, when we dare to trust its true nature, only then, Man and Woman can truly come together.

From that moment on, the relationship becomes a shelter where it is good to be as we are, good to be together, grow together, at times, struggle together.
It becomes a place where we nourish and get nourished.
A heaven where we are cleansed of everything that stands in the way of true love.
From that moment on, the relationship is a place where we create and cultivate what makes life worth living.