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Terms and Conditions & Privacy

Article 1: Application

1.1 These terms and conditions apply Life Projects BV (also called LP) with company no. 0772.489.86, provides services to customers including - but not exclusively - training, courses, both with open registration as well as in company..

1.2 The Client declares that he has learned of these general terms and conditions in a language that he understands and accepts these in full without any reservation. The customer hereby renounces entirely to apply his own general terms and conditions.


Article 2: Registration for courses

Registration is possible by sending an application form by mail, e-mail or the website of LP. By registering the client agrees with the general terms.


Article 3: Confirmation

The registrations will be automatically confirmed by e-mail.

Only the agreement to perform the activities, confirmed in writing by LP, holds LP to comply both with the written exceptional conditions and the hereby mentioned general terms and conditions if full payment has been made before the start of the course/training/workshop.


Article 4: Price and payment

4.1 The price to perform activities is as stated in the agreement or on the invoice.

4.2 After registration the client will receive an invoice from LP by email. This invoice has to be settled within the period indicated on the invoice. In case of non-payment or untimely payment, the client is, without declaration of default, from the due date of the invoice, interest indebted upon the amount owing to LP. When the client after the reminder of LP still does not pay the invoice, the client will receive an exhortation including an administration-fee. Furthermore, all costs for the collection will be for the client.

4.3 The client is held responsible for the payment of the costs of the course. LP cannot be held responsible for deviating agreements between employer and client.

4.4 Disputes about the invoice must be reported by the customer by a registered letter to LP within 10 days after the invoice date.

4.4. Debt comparison by the customer is explicitly excluded.

4.5. Paying an invoice in parts is permitted, if requested upon registration. In this case LP will charge 5% of the amount, with a minimum of € 25.00, as administration-fee

4.6. Discounts granted are only valid if the full invoice amount has been paid at the latest on the due date of the invoice, otherwise the buyer still owes the full amount of the course / training / workshop.


Article 5: Cancellation or modifications of the invoice

Cancellation by the client is exclusively possible in writing at the latest until 3 weeks before the (first) day of the course. In this case LP will charge an administration-fee of €25,00. In this case of cancellation LP will pay the refund of the costs of the course minus the administration-fee. In case of cancellation by the client within the 3 weeks before the (first) day of the course the client owes LP 50% of the workshop price. Partial refund must be explicitly requested in writing before the start of the first course day. If the customer cancels within 1 week before the (first) course day, the customer owes 100% of the amount.

The client is allowed to send another person to replace the participant, provided this person is fitting the target group of the course and only if the client has informed LP about this replacement before the (first) day of the course.

Modifications of the billing information is only possible when the client makes a request in writing and provided that the new information is complete and received before the due date of the relevant invoice. LP charges €25 administration costs for this.

Article 6: Cancellation, alteration or postponement by LP 

6.1 In case of insufficient registrations LP holds the right to cancel a course or to postpone a course.

6.2 Also LP holds the right to alter a program as a result of unexpected circumstances.

6.3 LP has been legally exempt and is not required to fulfill any commitment to the customer in case of force majeure. Force majeure means the situation in which the execution of the agreement by LP is completely or partially prevented by circumstances beyond the will of the latter even if this circumstance was already anticipated at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. Without being exhaustive, they are considered as cases of force majeure: war, coincidence, illness, government measures and / or shortcomings of third parties.

In such cases LP will inform the client about the alteration as soon as possible.

6.4 In case of cancellation by LP the client will receive a refund of the amount paid for. If the course is canceled as a result of insufficient enrollments and this course is given at different places, LP will offer the client the possibility to join the course at another place at a discount of 10% on the original price. If the client refuses this offer LP will pay the refund of the amount.


Article 7: Liability 

7.1 LP makes an effort to execute all activities, as regards content as well as regards organization of the course, in an optimal way.

The customer acknowledges and accepts that the commitments of LP are purely resource commitments.

7.2. The customer is required to check if he / she is medically fit to follow a particular course, training or education.

The customer should always consult his / her doctor first and obtains a medical certificate for practicing his / her chosen training program.

LP accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, injuries or losses that may arise from exercising the training program chosen by the customer.

LP cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by participation at a course of LP or caused by cancellation by LP, by her employers or any other person employed by or through LP or any person who has used the services provided by LP.

7.3. LP is thus only liable for the damage which is the direct consequence of a concrete proven error and is not liable for indirect damage of any kind nor for damages due to third party liability.

7.4. The liability of LP is in any case limited to the value of what has been performed, which will be determined by the invoice of LP issued in the name of the customer.


Article 8: Copyright 

The study-materials provided during a course will become the property of the client. However, the copyright of all material provided at a course of LP remains with LP or with the person who has written the material. No parts or any summary of the provided material may be multiplied or published in any way, without the explicit authorization in writing by LP.


Article 9: Replacement of teachers 

LP remains the right to replace a teacher that is charged to execute the course, by another teacher.


Article 10: Claims

Any complaints about the services provided by LP have to be filed and motivated in writing by the client within 8 days after the (last) day of the course. By negligence the client is considered to agree to the provided services and no longer has the right to file any complaints, by law and by agreement with LP.


Article 11: Courses in company 

All terms concerning courses in company will be written and signed for in a separate contract between the company and LP. If the client or LP cannot provide in these terms through any unforeseen circumstance, both parties will deliberate about cancellation or postponement as soon as possible. Any costs as a result of this are for the party that is not able to hold the terms.


Article 12: Notifications

The buyer explicitly acknowledges that all notifications by LP may be legally enforced upon by e-mail.


Article 13: Dispute settlement

13.1. All disputes between parties are solely for the jurisdiction of the courts in Antwerp, without prejudice the possibility and right of LP to take up the common court jurisdiction.

13.2. All agreements between parties are governed exclusively by Belgian law.


Article 14: Company Identity

Life Projects BV
KBO : 0772.489.786
BTW :  BE 0772.489.786
Drapstraat 13A, 9220 Hamme (Vl.)
Tel. : 0032 (0) 471 44 29 18


Article 15 : Protection of personal data

We take data protection very seriously. We guarantee adequate protection of your personal data. In doing so, we base ourselves on the requirements of the General Data Processing Regulation (AVG or GDPR for short).

Personal data is collected and processed when using the LP website, registrations and purchases in the webshop. LP attaches the greatest importance to the protection of your privacy. We try to inform you about how we handle your privacy in a understandable and comprehensive way.

15.1 What do we do with your information?

When processing the personal data you specify, we have the following objectives in mind.

  • create a personal account with which you can log on to multiple services and with which you can receive personalized information
  • if desired, to receive our newsletter and / or other information about products and services
  • use our websites correctly and optimally
  • identify your areas of interest so that we can provide you with personalized recommendations
  • to perform general user management
  • contact you when necessary.


15.2 Right of access and correction

You have the right to request information free of charge about the processing of your personal data. On the basis of the AVG you also have the right to have these personal details changed if they are incorrect or incomplete. In addition, you can have your personal data deleted or prohibit their use if they are not relevant.

To exercise these rights, you can always contact us via the e-mail address info@lifeprojects.be

15.3 How do we protect your personal data?

LP takes appropriate security measures to protect your data against, among other things, unexpected destruction, accidental loss, deliberate alteration or unauthorized access. Among other things, we use firewalls, ensure that all information and every file is stored in a secure terminal and protect each password with encryption technology.

The use of nicknames or logins and passwords or access codes is your responsibility as an end user. You hereby undertake to carefully preserve the confidential nature thereof. In the event of loss, theft or misuse of registration data, we ask you to notify us immediately by e-mail.

15.4 Changes

LP always reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions. Therefore, please consult the latest version of this document regularly. If you disagree with a change in the general conditions, you always have the option to have your data deleted.

Article 16 : Cookie policy

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The terms and conditions were last modified and revised on 20/06/2019 about article 15.