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Alchemy of Creation - True Leadership

Alchemy is known as the art of making gold. It is the ability to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary, or “from lead, into gold”. It is a thousands of years old science that has been practiced all over the world and has many applications, but is now largely forgotten. An art of living that can be remembered by everyone, by reconnecting with true life, nature and the universe. Within Life Projects, with the help of authentic Eastern and Western masters, we have bundled this original knowledge of how life works and poured it into a form that can be understood and applied by every person longing for authenticity. The alchemical building model for this is simply nature.

The global crisis of recent years has made it clear that if we continue our alienation from nature and the earth, we will completely destroy ourselves, our loved ones and our environment. It must and can be done differently. But how? Lao Tzu, the mystical Tao master, once said:


"The Tao is very close. But everyone is looking far away. That's why no one can find it.”


Our organization uses the Alchemy of Life to help people realize their life project from who they truly are. Here we see 2 groups of people, each of whom has a different starting point on their alchemy journey. The first group consists of our private students who have studied the alchemical laws of life for a long time and have thus increased their quality of life enormously. We now want to help them one step further in the realization of their life project. There's knowing how life works, and then there's putting this into the world effectively.

Our second group has built up over the past 15 years, through our Alchemy of Leadership program. We have successfully helped many leaders to create lasting and effective transformations in their lives and organizations. This involved CEOs and managers of small and large companies, coming from a wide range of industries. But in many cases, there is a huge gap between the success on the outside and the emptiness and pain on the inside and in their private lives. They know how the world works, but if they're honest, their life project often doesn't match who they really are. The effect is a lack of peace of mind and fulfillment.


‘I have experienced the impact of Dirk's work as an enormous strength
whereby body and mind come together again in harmony with the environment.
I felt the essence of life again’

Koen Overtoom - CEO - Port of Amsterdam


What the world desperately needs now are people who carry within them the wisdom of the primordial laws of life, combined with an understanding and experience of how the world of matter works. These can be leaders from the existing world who are open enough and with integrity to really do things differently. But also, leaders who do not yet know that they are leaders, but who have a strong drive to contribute to a better, more real world through the development of their life project.

The different programs that we offer within Alchemy Of Creation are the following:



Since the start of the crisis, we as an organization have been actively working on the question "how can we contribute even more to a better, more real world with our work?" Central to this was the development of a program in which leaders of existing organizations AND alchemy students who are passionate about manifesting their life project can both participate. This has led to the Alchemy of Creation. The foundation of this approach are the 8 core principles. You can see it as an alchemical step-by-step plan. The strategy of creation that applies life and nature omnipresent. From the atom to the universe itself.

This audio clip gives you more insight into what Alchemy of Creation and the 8 Core Principles mean.


We offer this program in a day workshop, but also in the form of 8 recorded initiations.



If you came into contact with Alchemy from the business side and you want to increase your knowledge and application capacity of Alchemy, then this training is the BEST. You can learn this either during our annual program of 10 Saturdays OR during our series of 12 online lessons (which you can also view afterwards). Here you will be guided in how you can apply the alchemy principles at the level of your Inner state of consciousness, your health and your relationships. A training that we have been offering for 15 years and which has already radically changed the lives of hundreds of people.

We also offer the basic principles of Alchemy Of Life in our Alchemy Of Leadership ESSENTIALS

Central to this are 3 of the alchemical core principles:

  1. presence
  2. inspiration
  3. real connection

With this as a foundation, during the Essentials you will learn the basic principles and building blocks of alchemy, or how nature and the universe work. This will give you a boost in your awareness, but also the tools to get started in practice right away. Tools that you can immediately use to scan yourself and your team/organization.

This training gives you the basics so that you can learn to apply Alchemy of Leadership in your life and your leadership. Almost all leadership training stretches or changes the known potential. We mainly focus on those fields that are not yet fully utilized. To get this clear, we use the model of the 5 natural elements: water – fire – metal – wood – earth. During these days we will pay a lot of attention to waking up this still dormant and therefore unused potential, so that you can use it optimally in both your private and business life.



Once you have a solid foundation in yourself and your private life and also feel like manifesting or transforming your life project into your real state of being, it is time to deepen your experience with the elements. Focused on the direct experience of the natural elements, where we work with horses, birds of prey, water, fire, earth, trees....



Life-changing leadership journeys to ancient energetic power places.

These journeys are an invitation to embrace your full potential as a person and as a leader, as well as to explore and directly experience how a business that has the power of a natural ecosystem could function. We gave them the name Life Initiations because they are indeed initiations into a renewed consciousness, and in that way are more lasting and more life-changing than just an insight or a beautiful experience. The intense experience of these journeys allows leaders to look in a deeper, more holistic way at what goes on in their work and how they can also influence this process in a more subtle, yet more efficient way.

So far we have organized life Initiations in France (the Cathar region), Southern England, Switzerland, China and La Palma.

In the video below, Wouter Torfs CEO of Schoenen Torfs (Best employer in Europe 2019) shares his experience about the Life Initations trips. 



This workshop focuses on applying the 8 core principles into practice in teams, organizations, in relation to customers and the market.



This is a group of leaders, passionate about Alchemy, engaged in exploring together how to bridge the gap between the Alchemical Laws of Life and how to translate them into the business world. Participation in this is by invitation only.