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Alchemie van Leiderschap

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Alchemy of Leadership

Alchemy is known as the art of gold making. It is the ability to turn something ordinary into something special. It is a science that is thousands of years old and was practiced all over the world and had many applications, but is now largely forgotten. It is an "art of living" that can be remembered by everyone, by reconnecting with "true" life, nature and the universe. Within Life Projects, with the help of authentic Eastern and Western masters, we have bundled this original knowledge of "how life works" and molded it into a form that can be understood and applied by any person longing for "authenticity".

For many years, we have successfully helped leaders create lasting and effective transformations in their lives and organizations. Many of them believe that our leadership program is unique. With their feedback and our many years of expertise, we now have an even clearer and more effective offering to support you, as a Leader of the Future.


‘I have experienced the impact of Dirk's work as an enormous strength
whereby body and mind come together again in harmony with the environment.
I felt the essence of life again’

Koen Overtoom - CEO - Port of Amsterdam

This is because nature and the entire universe function in a very specific way, allowing you to achieve great things with little effort in complete harmony with your environment. We can teach you to apply these principles in your life, your leadership and your organization.

As an entry-level, we recommend these courses:




We teach leaders these principles step by step from the foundation: "everything grows from the core". From here, just as in nature, the rest follows "automatically", according to a circular growth process. We always do this in a way that combines experiencing / feeling and understanding / applying.

During the compact Alchemy of Leadership - 8 Core Principles workshop we will go deeper into these principles, which gives you a sense of what this is about, what you can expect and whether it is what you and your organization need.

Some leaders start working with this on themselves, others ask to help them apply these principles in their organizations through custom made programs. For this, we work together with coaches and trainers. Here too, it is always a natural, circular growth process.

Our working methods are coaching, training, experiential travel around specific themes and in-company programs.



The entire foundation of our leadership program can be found in the Alchemy of Leadership Essentials. This intensive 3-day training brings you to the essence of your leadership.

Here you will learn the principles and building blocks of "alchemy", or "how nature and the universe work." You can immediately use this to scan yourself and your team / organization. It gives you a boost in your awareness, but also the tools to get started in practice right away. This training gives you the basis so that you can learn to apply Alchemy of Leadership in your life and your leadership.



'Life Initiations' journeys are life-changing leadership travels to ancient energetic power places.


These travels are an invitation to embrace the full potential of YOU as a human being and as a leader, but also to explore and experience directly how a company that has the power of a natural ecosystem could function.


We call them 'Life Initiations' because they are indeed initiations into a renewed consciousness, and are thus more sustainable and life-changing than an insight or a beautiful experience. The intense experience of these journeys allows leaders to look in a deeper, more holistic way at what goes on in their work and how they can also influence this process in a more subtle, yet more efficient way. Our trip to the Cathar region in France is an ideal introduction.




We organize one or more events every year where leaders can train and deepen their knowledge. As Dirk indicated in the 8 core principles (see video), it is important to always maintain the balance between the two hemispheres of the brain or between the "experience" and "understanding" of alchemy.


Our in-depth training courses are:

Focused on applying the '8 core principles' in practice in teams, organizations, in relation to customers and the market.

To England, Switzerland, La Palma and China.

How do you transform your company step by step into a "natural ecosystem"? This on the basis of translating Eastern and Western spiritual texts (written by Lao Tzu, Hermes, ...) about how life really works and applying this in practice.

Focused on the direct experience of the natural elements, where we work with horses, birds of prey, water, fire, earth, trees...


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to look with us at which training can be most valuable for you at this moment.