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Alchemy of Leadership

Alchemy of Leadership is like 'the art of making gold'. We are happy to guide you in discovering your gold as a leader and distributing this gold in your teams and throughout your organization. There is a strong need in this world for leaders who are able to consciously and fully live their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential. If you become a master in these 4 areas of life, chances are that you will have a meaningful impact in this world.

For many years we have successfully helped great leaders to make lasting and effective transformations in their lives and organizations. Many of them are convinced that our leadership program is truly unique and very effective and that many other leaders would benefit from Alchemy of Leadership.

With their feedback and our many years of expertise, we now have an even clearer and more effective program to support you, as a Leader of the Future

Alchemy Of Leadership Essentials

The entire foundation of our leadership program can be found in the 3-day training: "Alchemy of Leadership Essentials" . This intensive training immediately brings you to the essence of your leadership. Here you learn the principles and building blocks of "alchemy," or "how nature and the universe work." You can immediately use this to scan yourself and your team / organization. It gives you a boost in your consciousness but also the tools to get started in practice right away. It is the entry-level module in our leadership offering and essential to get as a basis if Alchemy of Leadership becomes your path. First you will be immersed for two days in the essence of true leadership, after which we will apply this in your work and your private life during day three.

Life Initiations

Life changing journeys to the planet's most powerful places.

Life Initiations are unique leadership journeys to ancient energy places. They are an invitation to embrace the full potential of YOU as a person and as a leader, but also to investigate and experience directly how a company, that has the power of a natural ecosystem, would function. We named them "Life Initiations" because they are indeed initiations in a renewed consciousness, and in that way are more sustainable and more life-altering than an insight or a beautiful experience. The intense experience of these journeys ensures that leaders can look in a deeper, more holistic way at what is going on in their work and how they can influence this process in a more subtle, yet more efficient way. Many leaders who have participated in these journeys testify the profound impact this has on the level of consciousness, meaning and life course.


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