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Elke Wilssens

Life Project Coach

Elke Wilssens

Already from a young age the question "how can one truly be happy?" was often on my mind. I could feel that there was a deeper layer of life. For a long time I struggled with my connection with the spiritual, my sensitivity, and with the ability to live this in the world.

I was attracted to things that gave me that deeper experience of life. From my early teens, I studied Tai ji, yoga, healthy natural nutrition, aromatherapy, etc.

At the age of 19 I wanted to learn Shiatsu and this brought me to the Life Projects center.

The truth and oneness between the spiritual and the physical touched me deeply and initiated an irreversible process. It led me om my way to living my Life Project.

I certified as a Shiatsu healer, 4 Dimensional Bodyworker, Alchemy of Bodyworker, Life Projects coach, 5 Elements Yoga teacher, Alchemy Of life teacher,…

From my more than 15 years of experience and study of Oriental dance, or belly dancing, I developed Yin Flow to help women fully enjoy being a woman again.

With a lot of passion, dedication and gratitude I like to inspire other people during my lessons and in my practice!