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Life Force Ritual

A meditation in motion


Connect with your spiritual ancestral line.

The life force ritual in its new form. You will learn about ten of the movements that together form a nice set to practice regularly. We also practice some of the movements while I play the sounds manifested by Tareth.

The life force ritual is a prayer or meditation in motion. It describes the cosmic creation story as every spiritual tradition tells it in its own words.
Not with words, in a concept or writing, but through natural, harmonious movements in the form of symbols.
Together they form a language that every body and soul remembers.
It connects you with your origin, your deep nature, your true potential and your potential destination.

Everyone knows the story of how the great life source has manifested itself in the universe, the earth, all life forms and in 'you'.
But for most this remains a theory, a concept or a belief.
That is because we try to understand it through the mind while it is about something that is far more profound.
Conscious movement as known in Tai Chi, Chi Kung or yoga provides a direct experience from the unity of body, soul and spirit.
The vitality ritual adds to these principles of movement the power and consciousness of ancient symbols from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.
These guide you in 5 phases through the cosmic creation process: from 'origin', through 'creation', 'cosmic order', 'energy / healing' to 'integration'.
The effect is from my experience and that of many students a very powerful awareness shift.

The life force ritual is a unique way to connect with your spiritual ancestral line.
In addition to a terrestrial bloodline or ancestral line, each of us also has a spiritual ancestral line.
Few modern people are connected to this. When this line is open and connects to the terrestrial bloodline, a large shift occurs in the energy level and the level of consciousness.
It gives the feeling of being guided, happiness and 'that things are good as they are'.

People who do the life force ritual experience a deep initiation in which they experience the original unity with heaven, earth and the elements of life.
It gives you a feeling of being supported by the great life source.
It awakens timeless wisdom in you and gives you vitality and strength on your path.

Certified Practicing Life Force Ritual Basic Teachers

Naam E-mail Regio Website
Bob Hense
Brechtje Schoofs Rotterdam
David Imhoof Zürich
Davy Carlé Hamme
Elke Wilssens Hamme, online
Els Graindor Hasselt, Online
Eva Leens Vlaanderen, Amsterdam, Online
Gaëlle De Jaegher Oosterzele
Hilde Broeckhove Gent, Brussel, Antwerpen
Karoline Schwarz Duitsland, Oostenrijk
Koen Tangelder Boom (Antwerpen), Amsterdam (NL), online
Lukas Ameye Kortrijk
Margot De Ridder Antwerpen
Martine Florus
Mieke Van Zon Zuid/midden Nederland
Sandra Deakin