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Movement & Vitality

Art of movement, selfmassage and meditation

Alchemy of Movement and Vitality is the name we use in the Life Project program for workshops regarding vitality, health, art of movement and self-massage. Discovering the true potential in your body and cultivating this as a source of vitality and as an instrument for self-realization.

Alchemy of Movement & Vitality includes several pillars:

  1. Breath is key to balance, life force and purification.
  2. Self Massage to purify, revitalize and to develop sensitivity.
  3. Movement according to the 5 elements of the natural rhythm: Meridian Chi Kung, 5 elements Yoga and the Life Force Ritual.
  4. Food on a 4 dimensional level.
  5. Sexual essence as a source of vitality and spiritual growth.
  • Meridian Chi Kung is an art of movement consisting of standing exercises that work on the meridian flow. Dirk Oellibrandt is the founder of this unique way of  movement.
  • Five element yoga are exercises done on the floor and will balance the elements. By regularly practicing the movements you rebuild the old physical, emotional and mental conditions and patterns into a new vital and conscious form .
  •  The Life Force Ritual is a ritual or meditation in motion. It describes the creation of everything from the void. Not as a concept or script, but as a succession of soft, harmonious movements that put you in connection with your deeper nature, your origin and your possible destiny.

The first step in Alchemy of Movement & Vitality is to make contact with your body through breathing, conscious touch and self-massage of specific energy points. This allows the body to open like a flower and balances and fuels the energy.

The source of vitality is connected to the element Water. But water needs earth as a bedding to flow. Therefore we learn to connect the sexual energy with the breath, to lead the energy consciously into our belly and to connect is with the fire of the heart. In this way, sexual energy becomes a source of vitality. We use both modern and ancient Taoist and Tantric techniques. The seed energy for the man and ovarian energy for the woman are besides a fertility and enjoyment source also essential as a key in order to maintain a high vitality. These techniques help the individual and intensify your love / sexuality experience as a couple.


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