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Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk Oellibrandt

Passion for life and what the true potential of this could be, have always been characteristic for Dirk.
His talent is to bring people to their centre in a natural way and to let them experience the true potential and the way life offers them.

From the age of 13 intensive studies of nature and Eastern Martial arts were important aspects of his life. Later this studying nature (through meditation) became the study of his own nature. Taoism and inner alchemy were important keys for him.
The hard forms of ’martial arts‘ were replaced by the ’internal martial arts‘ such as Tai Chi, Pakua Chuan and Chi Kung. A strong drive to help others in their search and their process of awakening lead him through a long period of study of different therapeutic methods.

Saul Goodman, Mantak Chia, Daskalos and Barry Long were his sources of inspiration. For 12 years, Dirk has been running the international organization 4DLIFE. Under his leadership during this period, he trained more than 300 therapists and around 50 teachers in ‘4 dimensional life’. Through his strong presence, his large therapeutic knowledge and the experiences of being a director of an international organization he is able to inspire people of many backgrounds and with very different dreams.

Since 2004 Dirk gives leadership trainings. Leaders in top positions in politics,
business, education and science are very much inspired by the other dimensions he can add to their work.
Especially Dirk’s capacity to make physical and spiritual leadership very practicable brings more clarity, effectiveness and fulfillment in their work.
Via ‘Dirk Oellibrandt Life Projects’ Dirk offers support and guidance to individuals, therapists, leaders and organizations to the realize their life project.

"I don not offer you answers on all your life questions. I trust you carry all the answers inside yourself. Where could you otherwise get these questions from?
I am simply an experienced guide on the path of Life art, Alchemy, teachership and leadership. The path I offer you is simple and at the same time all embracing.
Through the integrity of your own request and your attitude towards life you determine yourself the field of possibilities.
Listening to your own essence and life is the pathway I present to you."

The master IS Life itself.