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Alchemy of Bodywork

Bodywork training

Alchemy of Bodywork, the art of conscious touch.

For whom is Bodywork Alchemy:

  • Anyone looking for the authentic principles of "conscious touch", even if you are not a bodyworker.
  • Any bodyworker / healer / coach who wants to bring more simplicity and depth to his work. Learning to treat from the activation of vitality and potential instead of combating ailments and disease.
  • Especially the earth module, but also all other modules are extremely effective as a way to develop awareness, sensitivity, health and balance.

What does it bring you?

  • Release the deeper potential and free expression in the body.
  • Experiencing your body as a "home place". More inner peace and stability.
  • A unique approach to bodywork / vitality / art of living based on the cosmic laws of life.
  • Simplicity coupled with depth in your treatments.


You can always ander at any module. The complete training consists of 5 modules: The EARTH module is the foundation of the entire method. However, all modules can be done separately and in random order.

  1. Earth - The true physical body: awakening your female core: Secrets of the true body. The principles of conscious touch beyond technology and theory. The power of the dark earth energy. Alchemy of Bodywork parameters. From Therapy to Alchemy Initiation. Bringing bodywork back to ordinary people. The source of female awareness, Sensitivity and deepening exercises, Life force ritual
  2. Metal - The Cosmic Man: initiations in the elements, sacred Geometry in the human body and how to activate this energy network. Crystal consciousness and the link with "the mind". How to apply intention and breath in bodywork.
  3. Water - Rhythm: everything in existence moves rhythmically. From your cells, your breath, your aura, to the galaxy. You learn to observe these rhythms and use them to release intelligence and vitality in body, mind and soul.
  4. Wood - Intelligence: opening the hidden intelligence. Opening the internal and external information system with its different dimensions. Learning to activate the etheric, emotional and mental field.
  5. Fire - Energy: the release of low vibration energy in the body and opening of the energy network through the 4 dimensional treatment. Learn to build energy between your hands and with your intention.

In addition, there are 2 additional modules that help to connect the 5 modules. The Alchemie van Bodywork Essentials does this by introducing you to the typical postnatal (raw) and prenatal (subtle) energy quality of each of these elements and how to combine them in a playful way. The Alchemie van Coaching Essentials gives you simple and practical ways how you can positively influence the energy in a conversation through communication and your energetic appearance. A powerful supplement for Alchemy or Bodywork, but also immediately applicable in many other private and professional situations.

Alchemy of Bodywork as a professional education:

In the modern, overmental world, the need for good bodywork alchemists is enormous. Alchemy from Bodywork is a compact but complete bodywork method. In our Life Projects Academy you learn how to make DIRECT contact beyond technology and theory with the true nature of the body and the flow of intelligence associated with it. This training gives both the trained coach, bodyworker, therapist and the complete beginner sufficient basis to help others with Alchemy of Bodywork treatments. The compact program in combination with the circular learning principles ensures that the student can grow in a natural way. More info:


Certified Practicing Alchemy of Bodywork Practitioners

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Brechtje Schoofs Rotterdam
Davy Carlé Hamme
Elke Wilssens Hamme, online
Karoline Schwarz Duitsland, Oostenrijk
Kathlien Bridoux Lier, Hamme, online
Lore Vyt Bredene, Gent, online
Marijke Vergauwen Halle
Mieke Van Zon Zuid/midden Nederland