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Alchemy of Bodywork

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Alchemy of Bodywork

Alchemy of Bodywork, the art of conscious touch.

The art of conscious touching in modern society can be a thrilling experience.

So many possibilities, contacts, things you could do... Exciting and at the same time, this sea of sensorial impulses moves our energy to our head, resulting in a reduced sensitivity within our heart and body.

We are often simply too full to be receptive and feel what really matters.  Touch is one of the most intimate and nurturing experiences in a human life, a hand from a friend on your shoulder, a heartfelt handshake with a client, or making love.

It is a simple and direct way to connect to yourself and others. But for the modern, brain oriented human being; touch can become a complicated thing.

As a long time practitioner of the art of conscious touch I can say that modern people hardly remember how to touch consciously.

They feel insecure, afraid, or locked up in their small isolated world. This makes the touch superficial, distant and low in vitality. But this also means that the potential behind the fear is at least as big as the fear.

Actually, it is bigger! the front side is always just as big as the back side. So, even though we live in a touch-deprived society, the meaning of touch as a way to reconnect to yourself has never been as big as it is right now! 

The following words are not meant to criticize other bodywork and healing systems, but only to help to restore "the art of conscious touch" in its natural simplicity and power in the body and heart of all people.

Bodywork and the art of touch are not invented by somebody, but rather by anybody with a conscious body.

The role of Bodyworkers and palm healers throughout the millennia was to "re-align" others with the forces of nature, earth and the universe; in other words to bring somebody back in connection with the alchemical source of life.

Also during these days some people were better in this than others, but most of them (certainly women) could connect with and transmit this force whenever needed.

But in the modern world, bodywork and healing has moved from art to therapy. Just like medicine and psychology, therapeutic bodywork became a profession with a specific, often very complicated underlying theory, only meant for specialists.

There is no doubt that the modern bodyworker can be a great help for many people, but their touch often misses an authentic simplicity and a connection with the source of life-vitality.

The spoiled "fix my problem a.s.a.p." attitude that some clients have these days arose from of the therapist's attitude of a "specialist - problem solver". Being in a position of having a rich experience in alchemical and therapeutic bodywork,

I can say that when doing an alchemical bodywork treatment most problems dissolve without paying any attention to them, simply by raising the vitality, consciousness and the connectedness with the natural field of life-force. 

The shared roots of all bodywork can be found through the authentic bodywork parameters. They are like the laws of nature applied on the body-energy-soul of human beings.

There are touch parameters as pressure, movement and energy and quality parameters like consciousness, love and sensitivity.

They determine what becomes possible in the treatment, or shall we call it in the "unity between the two participants" in the treatment. Because alchemy of bodywork does not work with the idea of giving/receiving, as found in most therapeutic sessions, but rather with being together in the same alchemical bath. In this way the therapist rather becomes the initiator that brings the client in contact with the different elements of life and nature.

The focus in this process is never on specific problems, but on awakening the true-life potential and helping the client to find his/her way in life.

The guidance in this process comes from the natural laws and how they are found back in the way the human body and being are formed and placed in life.

The master in this way of bodywork is only "life" and its direct expression "Nature". 

Out of mastering the touch and quality parameters all bodywork methods are born.

Every bodyworker has layers in the body (bones, meridians, muscles, aura ....) were he is specially gifted to sense in all detail. Just like in a natural learning process, the order in which this sensitivity awakens in the body is crucial to let the personal treatment method be born naturally.

Choosing a bodywork style without being connected with the root of bodywork leads to exhaustion, complication and low effectivity.

Each module can be followed separately:
The complete training exists of 5 modules: the Earth Module is the foundation of the entire method. Still every module can be followed separately and in any given order.

Alchemy of Bodywork - modules

Alchemy of bodywork modules:

  1. The Cosmic Human: Initiation in the elements, the holy geometry in the human body and how to activate this energy network. Initiations in the elements. How to apply the elements in bodywork.
  2. Earth:
    secrets of the true physical body - awaken your female core: Secrets of the true body. The principles of conscious touch, past technique and theory. The force of the dark earthly energy. Alchemy of bodywork parameters. From therapy to Alchemy Initiations. Bring bodywork back to the 'ordinary' man. The source of female consciousness.
  3. Energy:
    Revelation of the energetic resilience. 4 dimensional treatment for higher vitality, purification and transformation.
  4. Intelligence:
    Opening the hidden intelligence. Opening the internal and external information system. Learning to activate the cosmic field.
  5. Rythm: a key to discover the true nature of the body.