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Welcome to Life Projects

What do we offer and what can we do for you?

Life Projects is a unique method that makes the essence of ancient Eastern and Western wisdoms practical and useful for the modern man. It is a practical method which can be easily learned.  We guide you both in everyday themes, in accomplishing your unique life project as in management, leadership, and organizational matters.

In our method, we always focus on the awakening of the true, naturally present potential of the individual, the relationship, the team or the organization and this on both the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level. The unfolding of your potential life allows you to live to the fullest. That is why “Full-of-Life” is our creed!

The discovery of life potential also gives you insight into your life project. Our mission is to help you to develop your life project, hence our name "Life Projects".

In Life Projects, the Alchemy of life is central. Alchemy literally means the chemistry of ALL, or in other words, the interaction between you and the power of the elements of nature.

And as Alchemy is the thread, you'll find it in every workshop or training we offer. In addition, we make a further subdivision based on the oriental 5 elements theory. In this holistic teachings, each element has corresponding organs, qualities but also pitfalls. In the overview below you can find a brief overview per element. For the classification of our workshops we have been inspired especially by the corresponding values.

Which workshop suits you best?

    The following summary can help you to choose from the different workshops we offer.

  • Is there a core value, quality or pitfall that your appeals or touches you? Take a look then at the corresponding course options.
  • If you come to the decision that you are interested in multiple domains, then you can register for our annual training Alchemy of Life, because it treats all themes, except Alchemy of Leadership. (see course information). This intense year training is the core of the Life Projects Program.

Life Projects