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Life Projects Centres and Basic Centres

There is a growing interest among our certified students to set up and independently run a Life Projects themselves. This fits perfectly with our mission to spread the Life Projects philosophy further across our entire globe. Besides sharing this dream, it also requires the following basic requirements:

  • certification as Life Projects Coach
  • certification as an AOBW Practitioner
  • certification in minimum 2 of the Alchemy of Movement & Vitality components LKR / MCK / 5EY

You can bring these components all by yourself or together with another certified LP practitioner / teacher. 

These are the minimum requirements. There is also the possibility of organising other certain other Life Projects components in consultation. 

It is also possible, in consultation with us, to provide training based on the Life Projects philosophy around your own Life Project. 

If you are interested or would like more information, please let us know by sending us an email.


Besides the main centre in Hamme - Belgium, there is also the Life Projects Centre in the Netherlands led by Brechtje Schoofs and Ronald Snel. They offer components from the 5 Life Projects theme fields: https://www.lifeprojects.nl