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Inner Alchemy - Training

Inner Alchemy - Training

These modules form the core of the whole Life Projects Method.

The Inner Alchemy – Training is the awareness center of the Life Projects Method. It teaches you step by step formulas of Inner Alchemy. While other Life Projects trainings often involve physical movement, or the integration in your  life, we focus on inner self-realization during this training. To transform yourself into a natural unity state that you first waken, then free and finally fulfill. 

Inner Alchemy is a spiritual method of self-realization that has been practiced during thousands of years in both Western and Eastern civilization.

Alchemy is the language of the cosmos. It is the ability to transform normal things into something special or magical. In other words, the art of making gold.

It is a process of complete (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) transformation. Over time a lot of the Western alchemy knowledge has been banned or forgotten, while in the East, it has been well preserved and extensively documented.  It is logical that many looked for the roots of Inner Alchemy in the East. But on the other hand, we are western souls and our body, soul and spirit need a different type of quality than the people from the East. Therefore we choose a method that brings together both Eastern and Western wisdom. 

Inner alchemy teaches you first how to feel your energy body, how to purify this energy and let it circulate internally. For this, we use the forces of nature, earth and sky. By refining and concentrating these forces a consciousness core is born which is called the soul body. This body carries the original pure human consciousness and communicates directly with the spirit world and the cosmic laws. Further cultivation of the soul body causes the pure cosmic essence to concentrate into a pure spirit core. A divine body and consciousness that leads both the human and the animal. This condition also is called immortality. This does not mean that there is no death of the physical body, but a state of absolute freedom and love from which one can step out of the wheel of incarnation and become one again the source of ALL or  TAO.


Inner Alchemy - Consciousness training

Since a long time, Dirk is in touch with several Eastern and Western alchemy masters who are willing to share their initial wisdom with him. Among others the alchemical formulas of the Tao (Masters Mount Huashan – China), that kept their wisdom silent for the outside world in the past, but several Western alchemy influences make this inner alchemy method unique.
Dirk created a method with 7 formulas that form the core of the method, of which four are currently being taught. In the link you can find more on the first 5 stages of Inner Alchemy. These modules form a whole, but can also be followed separately. 

In addition to these modules we will organize inner alchemy workshops (also with foreign masters) in the future to reinforce the typical state of realization of these modules.

With each of the modules comes a chi kung form (conscious energetic movement). This powerful forms of movement have been developed throughout the years by Dirk and are rarely taught outside these trainings.

These trainings are a simple and complete path to self-realization. Each of these modules is a unique experience ... For a number of students who attended the workshop last year was one of the most powerful consciousness experiences ever


  • self-realization
  • energy purification and increase
  • development of energy body, soul body and spirit body
  • consciousness development
  • this has a strong positive effect on all kinds of physical, emotional and mental problems.

For whom:
This training is suitable for both the complete beginner as the experienced meditation practitioner .

Participation requirements:
The only requirement is a willingness and desire for inner consciousness.

How do we do this:
A mix of theory, gentle exercises and self-massage and a lot of meditation (sitting or lying) and even darkroom meditations.

Calendar Inner Alchemy Training

Calendar Inner Alchemy ONLINE Training

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Inner Alchemy & Consciousness training - module 1 - Online - 2025 Dirk Oellibrandt Online Thursday, 8 May, 2025 - 10:00 More info...