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Group Practice at Hamme

Our group practice consists of: Katrien Laurens, Mieke van Zon (NL), Elke Wilssens and Kathlien Bridoux.

They offer individual coaching, treatments and private lessons, based on Alchemy. Each from her own being and treatment method, always with the intention to awaken the naturally present potential. Our strength lies in our ability to see, awaken and use that potential. This on a physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level.

We help you with everyday themes, the realization of your unique life project and in giving management, leadership and organizational advice.

The Life Projects method brings clarifying communication, conscious touch (Alchemy Of Bodywork), healing, creating more awareness and insight, ... together in a unique and powerful form. Each treatment / coaching is different and completely created in the moment according to the need at that moment.

You can also contact our coaches for a Life Check . This is a short session in which we examine with you which training within Life Projects best suits what you need in your life now. A Life Check takes half an hour and the price is 40 € . To make an appointment for this, send an email to with the title Life Check and mentioning your name and telephone number. Then we will contact you to book an appointment.

To make an appointment with one of our coaches for a bodywork / coaching session , you will find the contact details below.

Coach specialisatie email telefoon info
Elke Wilssens Life Projects Coach, 5E Yoga, LFR, Alchemy of life teacher, Alchemy of Bodywork Practitioner, Shiatsu therapist, 4 Dimensioneel Bodyworker +32(0)486/11.70.74 more info..
Mieke van Zon personal coaching, leadership coaching, 4 Dimensional Bodywork +31(0)614/32.52.24 Mieke van Zon more info..
Kathlien Bridoux Life Projects Coach, Alchemy of Bodywork Practitioner, Life Force Ritual Teacher +32(0)476.71.84.49 more info..