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We strongly believe in circular learning. This educational principle means that you get the essence from the beginning and that growth and depth are created through repetition, so that you can really master the matter.

To encourage repetition and based on our desire to share the "full-of-life" principle with as many people as possible, we offer you the following discounts.



Bring a friend discount

Our enthusiastic students regularly bring new people into contact with us. To say thank you, we give a discount of 20%, with a maximum of 150 EUR, to the person who introduces a new student.  The discount is calculated on the amount of the course for which your friend enrolls. The conditions of this discount are as follows:

• Bring a friend to a workshop or recommend a workshop.

• The friend must be new to Life Projects.

• The friend who registers for the workshop, mentions your name as a reference in the registration form on our website. The discount can therefore no longer be requested after the registration has been processed.

• The discount that is granted can only be deducted from the registration fee of multi-day workshops or training courses that take place in Hamme and online training courses. The discount can therefore not be deducted from lectures or one-day workshops, nor from workshops that we organize on other locations.

• The discount that is granted can be deducted from the next workshop that is followed, so it cannot be used for the same workshop as the person you brought in. The discount is valid for a maximum of 15 months after the brought in person has registered.

The discount cannot be obtained for your partner when participating in the Alchemy of Love - couple workshop.

Circulair leren

Repetition Discount 30%


“Repetitio est mater studiorum” and because we strongly believe in the power of repetition from the principle of circular learning, we give students who repeat a training, a 30% discount on the registration fee. More info about circular learning.

This discount is not valid on Yoga, Yin Flow, MCK lessons, LKR lessons, teachertrainings, lectures, concerts, Alchemy of Leadership and organization trainings, travels or other workshops that we organize on location.

Discounts are not cumulative.

Do you want to subscribe and enjoy your discount? On our subscription form we have provided the opportunity to apply for this.