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    Fri, 02/12/2022 - 19:00 to 19:30
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Medicinal Chi Kung - 48 movements - 2022

Did you know that you, “yourself”, can change how you function energeticallyhow you think and how you use your emotions? Imagine what it would be like if you knew a method that helps you to support and develop your health, vitality and mindset. Well…. for over 20 years now, I've been practicing a method that has brought me all of this and more.

From December 2022, over a period of one year, I will teach the 48 Medicinal Chi kung movements through more than 30 recordings. It is the first time that I will give a series of lessons in which I teach all the movements of this method. And probably the only time I'll do it in this form. So a unique opportunity.

This series is for those hungry to give their lives a quality boost. But I warn you 'it's not a free ride'! As an expert in this, I can say with certainty that 'Medicinal Chi Kung' (and also the 'Life Force Ritual') is the most powerful form of movement I have come into contact with so far. I guarantee you a profound change! It does definitely require your dedication and surrender to the process.

I had my first Chi Kung experience about 40 years ago as a kind of warm-up during a 'Martial Arts' training. It has stayed with me since then.

Chi Kung is a Chinese art where you cultivate energy and consciousness. A thousands of years old art that includes hundreds of forms and practice sets. I have studied and practiced many of these forms for 20 years. Broadly speaking, you can say that there are 3 movements: the martial, the energetic and the spiritual. I didn't really find a manageable form that combined the advantages of these 3 movements. This sparked my curiosity about how they could be combined and how I could get that information…

One day I got up with the question 'what would it be like if I asked my body and my meridians that question?' An absurd sounding question, but I decided to test it out. How would my body move if I were just a lung or a kidney? I spontaneously started to move, to write down, to sketch. My Meridian Chi Kung (there are many Meridian Chi Kung forms) was born. This is how the 6 basic movements arose, then the 18 movements in which a strengthening and an integration exercise is also added for each meridian couple, and after five years the 48 movements. The latter includes the same 6 basic, 6 strengthening, 6 integration exercises enriched with 30 other exercises that allow to influence the body, the energy field and 'the mind' on a deeper and more detailed level. We call this total set of 48 movements the Medicinal Chi Kung – 48 movements.

The effects on myself, my health and my life were astounding. And also for the many people around me who have devoted years of practice of Medicinal Chi Kung. I am talking about better health, higher vitality, more joy in life, clear mind, balanced emotions, and a sense of oneness with nature/life.

For me it's simple. Due to a congenital medical condition of my spine, at worst I would now have to move with crutches. But my body still does moves that most 18-year-olds can't do. This is largely due to Medicinal Chi Kung. I have also experienced the effects of these movements during the rehabilitation after an accident.

Through the movements you open the energy channels, you activate the etheric field and the subtle layers of the aura, but it also restores the connection between organs and vertebrae and charges the fascia network. During a rehabilitation you therefore change the energy and consciousness field around the injury, allowing deeper layers of healing.

You can also see major changes in practitioners on a mental and emotional level. After all, the energy flows not only through the physical, but also through the psychic (thinking/emotional) body and the noetic (subtle mental) body. It ensures that the energetic distortions associated with the ego and personality are removed and the light of the soul and spirit can radiate more directly through the body

The training that I will be offering from December is a package of recordings that will be sent to you on a regular basis. It starts with the 6 basic movements, which we extend to the 18 movements and then to the 48 movements. There are a total of 24 lessons, in each lesson you learn 2 new exercises. I estimate the duration of each lesson at 20 to 30 minutes.

In between there are longer lessons in which we do the movements one after the other in a flow. After these lessons there is also time for questions.

I will make the lessons in such a way that there is much to reap for both the novice and the experienced practitioner. For the beginner, you can rest assured that you can (should) do this at your level. It is a requirement that you practice regularly.

Even for the advanced you will learn all kinds of details that you had not heard or seen before.

If you are reading this, it is clear that this process requires a commitment. However, it is certainly not something difficult or almost impossible. If you breathe regularly, you won't get out of breath. If you often stop breathing, restlessness will arise and you will have to breathe extra deeply afterwards. It's that simple. Or as I often say in Inner Alchemy: “no mixing, no mayonnaise”.

Regularity and dedication will make this year a year of transformation!

And if you need more personal support, the certified Meridian Chi Kung teachers can certainly help you through 1/1 sessions. By now, there are about 20 skilled teachers who pass on part of this method

Thankful and glad we are going to do this!



- this series consists of 27 recorded lessons, each with 2 exercises per lesson: the first 3 lessons comprise the 6 basic movements and will be sent in December. You will receive the next 12 movements (we will then complete the 18 movements) in the form of 6 lessons over the period January/February/March. From April, 5 exercises will be added per meridian couple in the form of 18 lessons.

This gives us a total of 48 movements. The 48 movements therefore consist of 6 sets of 8 movements each.

You will also receive a total of 9 recorded practice lessons, in which the learned movements are practiced in a flow.

- In addition to the recorded lessons, there will be 3 longer practice lessons via Zoom (with room for Q&A) in which we practice the whole. (23 Mar, 29 Jun, 30 Nov. at 19:00 till 20u30.)


- It is strongly recommended (but not mandatory) to have already done the basic MCK (the 6 basic movements) somewhere. You can contact one of the certified MCK teachers for this: (list is on the bottom of the page).

- A strong motivation is definitely required to commit to this for a year.

Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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