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    Mon, 11/12/2023 - 09:30 to 12:30
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    € 70,- incl. VAT
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Inner Alchemy 4: self-evaluation

Inner Alchemy - module 4: self-evaluation

This online meeting for those who already did Inner Alchemy 4 OR if you have done Inner Alchemy 1, 2 & 3 and practice regularly.

The main focus is self-evaluation and getting clear about how to continue.

The main topic will be how to approach the IA4-mind level in the right way.
As always, we will of course combine talking with practicing.

You could describe Inner Alchemy as ‘The Great Work’. The “key life project” for every dedicated Alchemist of all traditions. There is only one objective in this: ‘to experience the true potential of your being and the nature of reality’. So, we can say we only have one thing to do, so no need to hurry. Just keep cultivating, without interference, from where you are right now.  

The ‘IA4 - Mind stage’ is like a narrow bottle neck on the path of immortality. It is a broad program, but with actually only 1 core theme. Your consciousness and presence in the mind and from there on, how to use the mind rightly. This means that the one who lives your life and does the meditation needs to be transformed completely. This is a process that does not happen overnight. It is like burning the ship that has been taking you around so far in life. The different aspects of the IA4 training like the mind core, the power walking and standing practice, tree practice, lineage initiations…this all helps. But just as important is to have the 3-layer foundation of IA1/2/3:  body presence, naturalness, and soul light. These need to be stable, coherent, and pure enough. 

For our further cultivation, we need to work on the stability and depth of the foundation of the trinity of body/nature/soul. Without that the mind seed will not shoot. 


This meeting will take place via Zoom. We prefer to have you there live, but if that is not possible, you can also watch the recording afterwards.


Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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