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Alchemy of Woman & Man in Love & Truth - Online

Very often students ask Katrien and me to share more of our experiences as an alchemic love couple. We are doing this already since many years during our Alchemy of the Wise Woman - Wise man and Alchemy of Love – Couple seminars, but this is always for a selected group of students. Besides feeling what was priority for us, we realized that we, individually and as a couple, needed time to distil our experiences and mold it into an understandable, practical form that each woman, man and couple that is truly willing to live in Love & Truth, can understand. 

Although we have a rich background in Taoist and Tantric practices, we realized that this is not what makes our love relationship so beautiful and not what we need to teach. The whole idea of Life Projects is to teach the timeless wisdom of the ancient spiritual traditions in a practical form, without loss of the authentic power and purity. That will also be the fundament of these online teachings. Single or couple…it does not matter.

We are all in a man / woman relationship. The question is: what is the quality…? When we think about the unity of man and woman, we think about love. Although many don’t realize, everybody is longing to live in love. It is compulsive, we just can’t help it. That is because it reminds us of a state we deeply long for, that is hidden inside everyone of us.

A state of unity with another being, with life, with heaven and earth, with our origin. 

But to ‘live’ in this state is not a free ride..... You need to let go of all the sentimental, Disney-like illusions of love. The beliefs we are often so sure of. 

Love needs truth to manifest in existence.

We will teach you the principles of Alchemy of Love and Truth as a woman, as a man, as a couple, from our own experiences, in resonance with modern life.

Of course many other virtues play a role in a ‘real’ love relationship, but nothing like Love & Truth. For me as a ‘Truth’ man and Katrien as a ‘Love’ woman, bringing these virtues together in all aspects of our love relationship has been an intense, but most rewarding learning process. 

Love without truth binds you in emotional patterns that disperses the unity in love. Truth without love soon becomes a principle, without color or meaning.

A long lasting committed love relationship, strips away all the illusions about love. It is a great blessing on the spiritual path. I often see that spiritual practitioners desperately hold on to their preferred spiritual practice, reaching out for truth, while the true lesson to learn is right in front of them in their love relationship. Before you think ‘but I am single’ or ‘my man/woman is not open for this...’  When you love a woman, or a man, you ‘are’ in a deep love relationship, where your focus should be on Love while you live in Truth. Not that you can do this right away, but that should be your intention. 

Love has an infinite amount of ways to manifest. We will teach you the 7 main forms, so that you get more clarity on where you are and what is going on.  Because besides the beauty of love, we also often feel lost... drowning in ‘desperation and fear’. It is important to know that this is functional. It strips away illusions, so that once you have moved through this, you can enter another depth of love. Because love wants to complete itself in each human being, leading to the merging of man and woman inside of you. When this happens, the foundation for living in unity with all beings has been formed. Now in this new consciousness, love, ordered by truth, will show you muuuch more and deeper dimensions of what it really is. It will immortalize your love.

If this is what you long for, then this will be something for you.

Language: English

These online teachings will exist of 5 lessons:

  1. What is Alchemy of Love – the nature of man/womanhood. True potential of a love relationship. Letting go of love illusions.
  2. The masculine/feminine energetic form and what it needs to be alive and functional. How these 2 forms fit together and complete each of us as a human being. Life Force Ritual movements and meditation to activate your man/woman inner geometry.
  3. The 7 layers of Alchemy of Love. Understanding the attraction, rejection and integration forces. Scanning where you are individually, as a couple, as a single (the kind of man/woman you attract). Repeating the exercises and meditation.
  4. Essential questions on Love and Truth. As a man or woman, as a couple. Breaking through old illusions and habits by bringing truth in love. Meditation to integrate this state.
  5. Individual cultivation for woman and man and cultivating Love and Truth together.


  • Let us know if you register as a single or as a couple (in the 'other info' box)
  • Enrollments are closed at 3 pm CEST on the day of the class.
  • Those who register in time will receive the link for live participation via Zoom. Those who register later will receive the link to the recording the next day.
  • Every subscriber get's the link to the recording the day after the lesson by email and this link stays valid till the start of the next lesson.
  • One week after the course is over, also the link to the last lesson will nog longer be valid.
  • Those who register, even after the start of the first lessons, will receive the link to the recordings of the first lessons by mail, the following lessons can then be followed 'live', or can be watched afterwards as desired.

Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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Katrien Laurens

Katrien Laurens

co-founder of Life Projects

The urge to help people guided her to an education of nurse, but after 15 years of working in a hospital she clashed with the structure and mentality in the job.

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