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    Mon, 20/05/2019 - 15:00 to Fri, 24/05/2019 - 12:00
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    3.600 euro excl. BTW incl. hotel, catering en local transport, excl. outward and return journey

Alchemy of Leadership - Griesalp - May 2019
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'Water (surrender/vitality) and Heaven (space/origin)'. Let the heavenly light shine in your earthly essence.  

Heavenly energy gives the experience of space, the connection with our origins and the feeling of being led by a higher force. For the alchemist, the universe is your heavenly brain. Learn to lead and make decisions from your connection to your heavenly brain. It is the endless field of possibilities that you simply have available as a leader and as a person. This journey is about restoring your contact with this field, but also the ability to turn that intelligence into clear actions in the world. 

Water is the source of vitality, life force, surrender and creativity. Essential qualities for health, well-being and leadership. And also the source energy, both in the body (sexual essence and life force) and financially (the flow of money). The connection between these 2 layers (sexual essence and money) is one of the old Taoist secrets. It is practically unknown in the West. Water energy stands for both the value of purity and wisdom. The art of developing a field of wisdom from your source.

For Katrien and me, Griesalp in Bernese Oberland - Switzerland remains the ideal place to initiate this process.

The pure alchemy between the energy of the mountains with their peaks reaching the sky and the power of the waterfalls, rivers and glaciers is unique here. A narrow steep road leads us to the 'Griesalp' hotel, situated between more than 4000 meters high mountain peaks with many powerful waterfalls close to the hotel.

Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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