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Alchemy of Bodywork - the 8 body layers - a practical approach

With ‘Alchemy of Bodywork’ we intent to bring bodywork, and the art of natural touch, back to its original power and simplicity. We do this by starting from the core and the darkness of the body itself. Hardly paying any attention to technique, skill, and theoretical knowledge. In this way students easily have their own experience of what the body truly is. This is something that even most professional bodyworkers are lacking.  By adding the 5 elements and learning the 5 different ways nature is touching us, students get enough sensitivity and depth to give a deep bodywork treatment. The ‘Full Body Treatment’ is a bodywork treatment that brings all this together in a practical form.

But of course, this doesn’t mean that great bodywork arts like shiatsu, osteopathy, fascia therapy and many other bodywork and healing arts have no value or are not useful.  In my opinion these arts are ways to look at and treat the body and energy field on the 8 main layers of the body: the bones, glands, organs, muscles/tendons, fascia, meridians, chakras, and aura. Although there are many great masters in these disciplines, very few have mastered all these 8 layers and even less of them realize that it is also possible to approach these layers from the ‘body core’ and the unity of the elements. When doing so, it allows us to keep the simplicity and at the same time approach the infinite sea of possibilities to touch the different energy bodies, for ourselves and others.

Many ‘Alchemy of Bodywork’ students shared with us about their hunger on how to approach the different layers of the bodies more specifically. How to use the alchemical approach to treat for example the meridians, the organs or the bones,... Not by doing the years of in depth study that is required for each of these methods, but by applying the ‘Alchemy of Bodywork parameters’ to tune in to each of these layers specifically. I have the experience that when I am in the depth of the body intelligence there is no need for extensive knowledge and complicated technique. I just need to be very precise in my depth, rhythm, energetic quality, listening, virtuousness, connectedness.  And I need the skill to touch and enter each of the 8 body layers.

This way I immediately get a personal experience of what that specific layer is and which way it needs to be treated to let it rebalance itself.  This requires training and guidance, but with Alchemy of Bodywork as a foundation, it is not hard work and studying, but rather a natural progression (like in the picture above).As an example, there are many different ways to approach the meridians, but they are all talking about the same thing: the typical meridian quality. That’s what we need to learn, to connect with this as pure and direct as possible. The interest to study and learn the theory comes naturally from there.


It takes a long time and hard work to become a master in one of the bodywork arts.
It is impossible to learn all that is needed in one lifetime to master all layers of the being that we are.
But a bodywork alchemist has a simple, constant presence as the center of Life.
Following the way and witnessing how the miracle unfolds.


We decided to start a new advanced Alchemy of Bodywork training.  Our intention is to organize a module of this work every year around a specific topic. This first training will be dedicated to the treatment of the organs, meridians and the body structure. Quite an ambitious program, but it surely will be a great discovery journey that will give you much more impact in your treatments.

Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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