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    Sat, 01/07/2023 - 09:30 to 17:30
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    € 140,- incl VAT (excl. meal)
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Yin Flow Summer Day - Savoring being woman - July 2023

A day to warm us to the depths of our soul and belly! Flowing through the different qualities of movement, the different elements: from earth connection through grounding exercises and 5 E Yoga, to inner clarity and purifying breathing exercises through the metal, from awakening our vital, internal life source of the water, to the expression and joy through (belly) dance and yin flow in the wood and fire. All carried by a deep reverence for the sacred yin, the sacred feminine.

These Yin Flow lessons are specially formulated for women.

This day is a real boost for every woman! Because there is nothing better than coming home to your body and feeling how natural it is for a woman to move her body!

Carried by a deep feminine current, we land in our pelvis and embrace the light of our heart. We honor and enjoy life in our female body.

The lesson consists of several phases: (adapted to the needs of the group)

- honoring, purifying and opening our bodies through "cleansing our temple"
- sinking into surrender, tranquility and the vital flow in our body through 5 Elements Yoga and breathing exercises,...
- creating more space and flow through Alchemical bodywork
- letting the joy of life bubble up in our hearts and pelvis through (belly) dance
- sinking deep into our bodies and into the light of our souls through meditation in gratitude

The exercises that we are going to do will therefore have a deep impact on your yin (female) power. This will give your body the chance to balance or heal itself, to harmonize your nervous system and to calm your mind.

Everything is built up slowly and naturally. You will feel that there is a natural flow that connects the different qualities of movement.
This also helps you to follow the wave in your daily life and to feel what quality of movement your body needs to regain balance.

No prior knowledge is required, only your openness and willingness to participate in the exercises is a condition. This day is an ideal addition to the Alchemy of the wise woman lessons, but that is not a condition, you can follow this perfectly without prior knowledge.

Be welcome!



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Teachers during the training

Elke Wilssens

Life Projects Coach, Bodyworker, Alchemy Teacher, Manager of Life Projects

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