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    Sun, 25/02/2024 - 09:30 to 17:30
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Inner Alchemy & Consciousness Training - module 4 - 2024

Inner Alchemy - module 4: mind - deeper roots and stronger branches

To participate in this training, you must have already completed Inner Alchemy modules 1, 2 and 3 and cultivate regurarely. If you have never followed module 4 before, we would like to receive a short motivation email from you first.

The core consciousness of the Life Projects teachings is the ‘Inner Alchemy’. It forms a ladder that takes you step by step through the different dimensions of reality and life.  In the inner Alchemy method I teach, there are 5 modules. It is a complete method of transformation and self-realization or in alchemical language: a path of immortality. 

The 5 modules in the Inner Alchemy training are divided in 2 phases. In the first phase (module 1, 2 and 3) you get the know the method, preferably by following the first module. If you are an experienced meditator you can start with any of the first 3 modules according to your own choice. They each have a powerful effect on your energy and quality of life.  The 3 modules form a trinity, where each layer is entangled with the other layers. In this way, together, they form a solid fundament for further development. 

Inner Alchemy training is more like regularly going to Judo or dancing class and not about ‘attending a course’ once. You simply go to train for ‘soul-pleasure’ and to increase your level. It is not a linear method, but a circular one, where it is advisable to cultivate, apply and repeat modules until they are integrated into your state of being and your way of life. In China I met monks who practice the first 2 modules for more then 10 years, before they could continue to the actual ‘inner alchemy work’. Patience is essential to cultivate the magic medicine inside.

We also developed 2 extra tools that can greatly stimulate your deepening and progress on your Inner Alchemy path: the online "Inner Alchemy themed lessons" and the "Alchemy Of Bodywork - The Deep Dive" series. These make it possible to practice at home, guided, on a regular basis. You can find them in our shop.

The second stage starts with module 4. By now you have followed one or more times the first 3 modules and have integrated them in a regular meditation practice. The content of this module 4 is much broader, while at the same time, the core themes are actually simpler. By now you can keep much more balls in the air with less effort. 

When time is right and there are enough students to receive the teachings I will teach module 5. Actually, there are 7 phases, but phase 6 & 7 can not be taught through training.

Phase 2 – Module 4 - Forming deeper roots and stronger branches.

From this module onward, the inner alchemy gets a different character in which the practice next to the daily cultivation becomes a part of your ‘being’.   This requires a conscious choice or, perhaps better, a soul's choice whereby the sense of choice disappears. During the first 3 modules you laid the foundations for the real alchemical process. This was accompanied by a transformation of the body, your energy system, your emotions, your thoughts and way of life. You also have all the tools and all the ingredients collected to make the potion of life and now the distillation process can begin. The energy and consciousness is a lot higher from this module onwards. For a tree to grow taller and bear more fruit, a thicker trunk and deeper roots are needed.

There are 9 parts in this module. Not all the parts are taught every year. This depends on the circumstances and the energy of the group. 

  1. Refining and balancing the various energies and bodies, creating a field in which the inner cavity in the physical body, the soul and the subtle "mind" can come together in one state of being.
  2. A foundation has already been laid in the previous modules for bringing together the different energies in the abdominal center. Now this process is being intensified by also bringing the mental field together in this place. This is not possible through willpower, but only from a state of balance, unity and silence and with a relaxed focus (intention).
  3. This provides the basis for the first phase of the Taoist "Kan and Li" process where the poles of the inner water and fire, sun and moon, heaven and earth are invited to come together again. Contrary to what people often see in the west, I do not do this through visualization, but I use the method of the "Taoist complete reality school - Huashan China". Here, emptiness and subtle intention are central to the "Kan and Li" process.
  4. While you learned a movement form during the first 3 modules, now the focus is mainly on "I Chuan" or consciously standing still. This helps to merge body and mind into a state of being.
  5. Balancing the left/right side of the body, thinking and feeling and the masculine/feminine energy
  6. By opening the eye of heaven, the inner light in the body is intensified.
  7. Opening the central channel and connect it with the ancestral lineage. Connecting with the field of 'spirit beings' and intelligences that guide this alchemy teaching.
  8. The symbols of the life force ritual to refine and deepen the inner alchemy state.
  9. The awakening of the "soul of humanity". Where the soul previously had a relational character, it now begins to evolve into a collective quality. You then feel more aware that you are the other. This goes together with applying this in all aspects of your daily life and realizing your life project.

Conditions for participation:

- you have experience with and a love for the content of the first 3 Inner Alchemy modules, and you practice this regularly.

- write us a short email with your motivation if you have never done module 4.

Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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