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Inner Alchemy & Consciousness Training - module 3 - 2023

Inner Alchemy - module 3: soul - awakening the soul light

Until now we did this training on La Palma, but that is currently not a good option for various reasons. That's why we decided to look closer to home.
This brought us back to our favorite residential place in Belgium – Chateau Frandeux.
In the past we have organized many training weeks here and both we and the students were always very happy with it. 

Chateau Frandeux is a true power place. On the 25 Hectares of private land there are beautiful old forests, a big lake and little streams. In front of the castle lies a small mount that originates from the Celtic civilization. Just like the Celtic menhirs and stone circles, these mountains are situated on crossing points of earth energy lines (Ley lines). 
Also through the main building there is a strong energy flowing upward from the earth, meeting with the heavenly energy in the top seminar room. Perfect for our inner Alchemy work in this module, where we learn to connect from the soul with the different nature elements and other life forms and in this way strengthen the light of the soul.

What will be different, compared to La Palma where, especially at this moment, the volcanic earth is very open, is the more dark earth quality. I am sure this will make the experience of the Alchemy Initiations different then on La Palma. 
Also the presence of the ancient civilizations and the nature spirits will surely have an influence of the Life Force Ritual symbols that we use in the meditations. 
Let's fully embrace these new influences. 

Something that happens in these turbulent times, for those who stay focused, is that the chaos in the world also offers many opportunities for real change. It requires that we align our own earth and universe with the great earth and the great universe. That is an ancient spiritual science, that I would like to take you into.
What I already feel is that this edition of Inner Alchemy 3 will be about the interplay of light and dark, about spirituality in the world of today. 

In addition to the darker earth quality, we are currently in a period where planetary and stellar consciousness are of great importance. This has to do with the astrological conditions as well as where we are in the Corona era where we are forced to rethink our social values. The planets are the emotional and social consciousness of our solar system. By learning to connect with the influences of the planetary energies you can understand much better from your own experience what is happening in the large field and how you can deal with it in the right way. The stars are the thoughts of the universe. By consciously connecting with certain constellations, your 'mind-set' changes automatically. I have experienced that many times.

About 15 years ago I wrote the book Taoist Astral Healing together with Tao Master Mantak Chia where I talked a lot about planetary and stellar consciousness. The method has faded into the background a bit, but has literally become a godsend during this period. We will learn to use the bones in the skull to align with the different planets. In other words, develop your own planetarium.

Even if you have attended this module before…attending it in Frandeux will be a valuable “new” experience.

Inner Alchemy is a simple and complete path to self-realization. For many who already attended this workshop, it was one of the most powerful consciousness experiences ever! The inner alchemy method developed by Dirk has emerged from 25 years of research in the Eastern and Western alchemy methods. Modern, practical ways of inner alchemy were fused with the essence of Taoism. Dirk got to know this essence through the lessons of the Taoist masters in Huashan - China.

Four elements will be discussed:

  • Opening your energy channels:
    During this inner alchemy week, learn to open and to connect the main energy channels inside and outside the physical body. This will help you in forming a strong and pure energy body as a nesting place for the soul body.
  • Shape the soul body :
    The soul body is a symphony of deep human values and cosmic life principles. It seems at first sight somewhat distant and unattainable, but in reality it is  your inner wisdom source that is connected to the great source of life and thus creates all parts of yourself (the different bodies, ego, personality). The development of the soul body is an important stage on the path of the alchemist as it opens the door to the prenatal world and to immortality.
  • The Life Force Ritual:
    This form of movement was developed by Dirk as a way to connect step by step with the entire cosmic creation process. This subtle set of movements is like a prayer in motion. By moving in silence, relaxed and naturally, the information enters the information system very directly. The thinking process is quiet and profound change comes from within. 
  • Silence:
    "During one of my trips, I spoke with the Chinise Taoist Master Wang. When we talked about the inner alchemy formulas, he laughed and said: all formulas lead nowhere if they are not grounded in that one quiet place deep inside you. That is also my own experience. " - Dirk Oellibrandt.


What will you learn, what does it bring you, what is the purpose?

  • Sink deeper into the inner alchemy and the path of immortality.
  • Profound experience of yourself, your life potential.
  •  Experiencing reality beyond worldly and sensory illusions. 

Who is this training suitable for?

  • Open to all novice and experienced meditation and alchemy students.
  • Anyone who wants to reach his or her life essence, from stillness, tranquility and surrendering to the natural alchemy process. 
  • Both beginners and advanced students are welcome.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own transport to the location, and bear these costs themselves. We will put you in touch with each other so that you can carpool if necessary.

The stay

The Domain of Château Frandeux is quietly located on the edge of the Belgian Ardennes, in the region "Les Famennes" and belongs to the province of Namur in Wallonia.
The area is also called the Land of the Valleys. A land of castles with a rich and varied heritage.
There are various multifunctional rooms, wellness options and a 25 ha private domain

The Château is located directly next to a lake and surrounded by beautiful nature.
The Château consists of four levels. On the ground floor is the entrance and a spacious lounge with a full-length fireplace.

From here you have a fantastic view over the great lake. From the dining room you have access to the terrace with a view over the valley. The kitchen is next to the dining room.

From the lounge you reach a spacious, castle-worthy hall via a wide wooden staircase. Some of the attractively decorated rooms adjoin this. The other rooms are located on the second floor and there is a beautiful multifunctional room.

In the basement there is a sauna with a view of the lake and an infrared cabin and on the top floor there is an equipped massage room.

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Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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