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Alchemie van Leiderschap

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Alchemy of Leadership - Intensifying

If you have already followed "Essentials" or a "Life Initiation" in our Leadership Program, you can do a "deep dive" with other leaders on a Theme Day. It concerns a 24-hour alchemy bath, in which we always shed light on a recurring theme in the business context according to the principles of alchemy. Examples of this are:


How do you create the right impact at the right time? Be that leader who feels exactly what is needed of him / her at every moment; increase your impact on the world through more presence in your full potential and broadening your intuition.


It has been scientifically proven that we use only a very small part of our abilities to create our reality. Learn to tune into the larger intelligence field and thus open an infinite creative field in which you can consciously navigate.


A major stumbling block in many organizations. Too much is communicated of what is not needed and often too little of what really matters. We often lose each other and the essence in the complexity, speed and multiplicity of communication. How can you align your corporate communication (internal and external) with "truth"? In this way you multiply the efficiency and energy level in your organization.


How do you develop an organization into a living and dynamic ecosystem? A system in which each component is connected to each other and the whole and, like every cell in a healthy body, works together to make the whole fit.

Our ideas for these theme days are endless. We would like to start a conversation with you to discover what is the most fertile soil for you at the moment in your life and work.