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5 Elements Yoga Kids

For kids from 6 to 11 years old

Not only adults experience the beneficial effect of yoga, it also helps children to calm their mind and body. Children often experience great pressure from an early age to meet all kinds of expectations and there are enormous incentives and impressions them off. Following their own growth rhythm then becomes difficult. This often creates a lot of internal tension, which can then be reflected in their behavior. Yoga helps them to release this tension in a playful and gentle way.

During these lessons we will travel through the 5 elements of nature in a playful and loving way: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Every element connected to certain organs, emotions, ways of moving. We examine them together and in this way the children get more feeling and insight into their own body and feeling.  We get to work with 5E yoga postures, massage / bodywork, movement, breathing, dance, self-massage, meditation and relaxation . From mutual respect there is room to dare to be who they really are, to relax and to flourish.


Teacher: Elke Wilssens

My parents were pioneers in the field of yoga in Flanders, so Yoga was introduced to me. As long as I remember, yoga has been present in my life as a loyal ally that I could always fall back on. Since I became a mommy myself in 2012, I am very concerned about how children are treated. That is how the desire arose to be able to contribute something positive to the well-being of our children.

I believe that every child naturally has a source of wisdom in it, its own soul color. I believe it is more important to honor and invite this, with the necessary support, than to approach children as if they have to learn everything from adults, as if they are not yet complete. My greatest wish for our kids is that they are allowed to show their own light to the full, can be confident and happy in life and dare to follow their own path. That they have a solid foundation so that the challenges in life do not undermine them.