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The 5 stages of Inner Alchemy

The 7 modules of Inner Alchemy training of this lineage are divided into 3 phases.  The first 2 phases with the first 5 modules are described here.


Main themes:

- Re-discover your original Core of Life.

- Being in the trinity.

- Learn to feel and activate the 3 bodies.

- The 4 elements and micro / macrocosm. 

- Alchemical vision and cultivation.

Movement form: 3 axes Chi Kung.

Transformation theme: Opening the physical energy body.



Main themes: 

- Connecting to the field of life through the 5 elements.

- Emotions – conditions - values.

- Deeper grounding.

- Open your energy channels. 

- Energy exchange with trees.

Movement form: 5 Elements Chi Kung.

Transformation theme: Emotional balance and purification – mind balance.



Main themes:

- The 5 kingdoms of the soul.

- The mirror of heaven and earth.

- Opening 7 energy centers in the body.

- 2 wisdom streams, opening spirit lineage.

Movement form: The Life Force ritual

Transformation theme: Living from the soul. Connecting to the spirit lineage. Karmic contribution.


4. MIND 

Main themes:

- Fusion of mind and alchemical ingredients in the core.

-Connecting the light of the earth and the essence of heaven.

- Water / fire and heaven / earth merge.

- Strengthen clarity and power of mind.

- Increase energy level. 

- Returning of the light.

- Forming the soul body.

- Collective soul field. 

Movement form: I Chuan - standing practice.

Transformation theme: Living from prenatal state. Constant meditative state. Forming soul body.  Karmic transformation.  Soul of humanity. 



Main themes:

- Sacred geometry.

- Symbols in the different energy centers and bodies. 

- Working with star essences, higher dimensions and associated beings. 

- Increase the depth of silence and purity.

- Forming spirit body. 

Movement form: Only with energy bodies and mind

Transformation theme: Building up spirit body.  Detachment.