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De Kluizerij

Aalstersedreef 1 te 1790 Affligem

0032 (0)495 22 66 95


De Kluizerij is more than a former monastery. The garden, vineyard and forest contribute equally to the strength of De Kluizerij. This is where people find peace and inspiration.

As soon as you enter the parking lot, time stops and the crowds disappear. It is wonderful to stay in many places outside. In good weather, even meetings can take place outside. The wider area is ideal for walks or bike rides along the junction route.

De Kluizerij invests in the natural ecosystem and pursues a sustainable policy with respect for the past and focused on the future. In 2016, for example, a tall-stemmed fruit orchard was planted. In 2021, the monastery's beekeeping was also restored by reintegrating bee colonies that pollinate our orchard and flora. Most of the fruit from the orchard goes to the kitchen of De Kluizerij or is pressed into apple juice.