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Alchemie van Leiderschap

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Alchemy of Leadership - Foundation

An intensive three-day training that immediately brings you to the essence of your leadership. It is the entry module in our leadership offering and essential to get as a basis if Alchemy of Leadership becomes your path. You will be immersed for two days in the essence of true leadership, after which we will immediately teach you how to apply this in your work and your private life during day three.

As in all our programs, we immediately start with the essence of what we are going to do, hence "The Essentials". In this way we serve you from the beginning what it is really about and you incorporate this essence in everything that follows.

  • What is Alchemy of Leadership and where does it come from?
  • How can Alchemy help leaders and organizations in these complex times with what they have to do?
  • Nature and the universe as a map of life and development model.
  • Discover the true potential in yourself with nature as a model. The 4 life dimensions.
  • The king and the ministers. Your deepest values ​​and greatest natural power are central to your life.
  • Alchemy as a key to "real" and sustainable success. From suffering to leading.
  • Being in your element: Discovering your natural basic energy and development points as the foundation for talent, expertise and experience.
  • Themes that will also be treated linked to the 4 dimensions are:
    • The physical dimension. Grounding. Being in your body and being "really present". Staying at the heart of the matter. Learn to let go of tension, know your own shadow and the effect thereof.
    • The emotional dimension. Clarity about your emotional color palette. The true leader heart. To stand in the fire of the battle. Leading with passion and compassion.
    • Learn to use the mental dimension in a more creative way. Creating space for what really matters. What leads (does not drive) you as a leader? Clear and effective thinking and communication.
    • The spiritual dimension: Spirituality is your direct relationship with the source of life. Discover your spiritual potential and learn to apply it in your life and work.


Leaders give us the feedback that we can make spirituality practical and the challenges in the material world simple and well-structured. Also that there is more peace and well-being among individuals and teams, in combination with a higher effectiveness.