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Circular learning

What exactly is circular learning ?

Circulair leren

Circular learning is a teaching principle based on how everything grows in nature. Just as an embryo possesses all the essence of a human being from the start, we’ll teach you the essentials right from the start too.
This process is circulair and contrary to the modern linear way of learning, where in the beginning you’ll know nothing and by the end you're good at it and you’ll get the essence of it.

In Life Projects and in every form of alchemy the laws of nature and therefore natural growth are central.  Growth is gathering information. The first time you follow a certain training , you are introduced to the basic experience. This basic experience ensures that you can apply the newly learned skills from the first day.  By repeating the training, you make it possible to delve into the basic experience and to expand it. This way the practical application in daily life will increasingly become easier.

Through repetition growth occurs and you’ll be able to really master the matter.  By repeating and deepening this, you’ll no longer need to remember .... you will become it.

The metaphor of the onion with many layers comes in handy here. Only by removing all outer layers you get to the core. Always removing, layer after layer, puts you in connection with your true potential.

At Life Projects we strongly believe in circular learning, therfore we provide repetition discounts for our students.  The first time you repeat, you get 30 % discount and the second time even 50 % off.

circular learning - testimonial

"By following courses within Alchemy of Coaching and Bodywork I learned to observe my inner desire to live in fullness and to be effective. Processes have emerged in all four dimensions. Repeating courses was something which my brain, accustomed to a linear logic, rebelled. The repetition and the experiences though, have brought me a deeper understanding of what Alchemy covers and how it applies in my life. I still enjoy it every day, my brain is calmer and my life more intense and fuller."

- Eliesabeth Domburg