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Leadership and organisation

Team coaching and Leadership coaching

Team coaching and  Leadership coaching

How can you discover your own gold as a leader and professional working with individuals, teams and organisations?

In the business world there is a deep need for leaders who can look, think, feel, communicate and lead differently. The leader who masters leadership of the 4 dimensions, IS REALLY PRESENT on his director's seat. As two leaders testified that followed our program: "I have regained my life."

The moment someone can bring together all four aspects of his being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in his life, work and leadership, fulfilment and added value is created.
The uniqueness of the approach of Life Projects is that it makes the two dimensions that rarely are used in organizations and trainings, practical, namely the physical and spiritual dimension. This make one's life and leadership embodied and inspired and he or she can inspire and motivate from deeper values, wisdom, creativity and intelligence.

The life of the leader, professional and the organization will receive fulfilment. Leading and guiding is now done from effortlessness. The deeper qualities and abilities gradually seep to the surface. The previously acquired mental and emotional faculties remain of course valuable.

Essential in our approach is that people discover THEMSELVES what this means. This allows participants to experience our training as intrusive, quiet, life-changing and like coming home.

Are you a leader or professional who has the desire to wake this sleeping potential and use it to make your life richer and more fulfilling? Join the big parent company – nature - and learn to see from the inner core and hub of your team or organization at the available potential. A world of unlimited possibilities where worldly success and individual fulfilment melt together, will open itself for you.

We offer Alchemy of leadership in different formulas. That gives you as a leader the possibility to choose the form fits perfectly with what your life, including your work indicate now. An overview of the different possibilities:

  • Coaching on an individual basis:

Leaders often come to us for individual coaching. This involves sometimes their personal leadership, or team or organizational issues. But often it is also about other topics such as health, family, meaning. The projects Life coaches can these themes also connect easily and meaningfully with each other.
For an overview of our coaches:

  • Alchemy of Leadership training:

An intensive training held at the Life Projects center in Hamme.
In the autumn of 2018, however, these trainings will not start & we will focus on our Alchemy of Leadership journeys that are a valuable replacement (see next point).
More information at this link:

  • Alchemy of Leadership journeys:

Unique leadership journeys: an invitation to embrace the full potential of YOU as a human being and a leader, but also to investigate and experience how a company that has the power of a natural ecosystem would function. More info & brochure in our calendar

  • In Company Training:

Alchemy of leadership tailored to your business that can take place in your company or at a location you like. Can also take the form of a complete trip will be organized to powerful places in France, Switzerland, Great Britain or China. This can range from 1 day introduction for teams to complete organizational change where we bring Alchemy of Leadership top-down leadership in the organization. The alchemy between product - human resources - clientele here is key.

More information at this link:

Finding the form that fits you best is important. Afterwards, the next steps to be taken will show themselves. We worked with a lot of leaders that for example began with individual coaching concerning a health issue, then took a Life Initiations trip and finally opted for an in-company training. But sometimes it's the reverse.  
We will be glad to help you chose what is the best step for your company.

We also have an English leaflet on Alchemy of Leadership & Organisation: click here

Testimonials of three participants: Below you can see a short video in which Wouter Torfs, Frans Colruyt and Gonnie Been share their experience of Alchemy of Leadership with you.




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