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Luc Leyten

Passion for Life and Movement

Luc Leyten

Since my fifteenth year, I went looking for the deeper meaning of life, of moving. I started with the traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do. In the late nineties, I went looking for more inner work in the Tai Chi. In 2000 I met the Universal Healing Tao. After thatI followed the five-year 4-Dim training with my wife.
In the second year, I was invited to the Meridian Chi Kung teacher training by Dirk Oellibrandt. Super good. I soon became Assistant Teacher. The MCK opened a lot for me and pretty soon I became Teacher of the 18 movements in this system.

In 2011 I quit my job as an engineer to devote myself completely to the healing work. I give lessons in the MCK and the Universal Healing Tao. In addition, I guide people personally and give treatments. Two years ago we built our own classroom in Balen. Here are weekly classes but also MCK year training in conjunction with the 5 elements and the TAO Yoga. Here I take care of my TAO year training.

In early 2015 I became Senior Universal Healing Tao teacher. I'm Chi Nei Tsang teacher, I CNT and CNT II.

And besides all this, I am the proud father of Jade and the proud husband of Brigitte. They support me greatly in my work.

Greetings from Balen.