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Kathlien Bridoux

Life Projects Coach
Life Force Ritual Teacher

When you asked me as a child what I wanted to become, I answered astronomer or Japanologist. Not really a typical answer. I had a vivid and exotic imagination and following an obvious path was out of the question. I ended up not among the stars or in Japan, but in Italy where I studied painting in Venice. (a bit exotic though). While pregnant with my son, I once again wondered what I would become. He inspired me to want to mean something 'for the children who are now being born'. 

I started as a teacher in alternative education. But my continuous search for 'How do I find balance, energy, joie de vivre? How do I deal with my sensitivity? Who am I as a woman? How do I feel like a valuable mother?' led me to many courses. At Alchemie van bodywork, the spark flew completely! I myself went through a major transformation by living deeper in my body. By being more deeply connected to my body, my vital energy, primal power, and confidence in my own body and mind was strengthened. I wish you the same thing!