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Erica de Roo

Erica de Roo

It is one of my lifelong aims to reconnect people with their own inner source, their origin and Life itself, through Movement, Dance, Meridian Chi Kung and Bodywork.
Movement is the key to unfold and express the deeper pureness of our Being, our Heart and Soul - it is the key to happiness, health and vitality.

In my teachings I invite people to go into the direct experience and to be open for what the body is showing in the moment.
The intelligence of the body shows us in a gentle way where we are and what potential we carry inside.
If we are available for the language of our body, we can bring more consciousness, vitality and happiness into our daily lives. 


1991 - 1994: Dance Academy Rotterdam, Diplome 1994 (Dance Improvisation, Contemporary, Choreography and Composition).
1995: Reiki I and II, Loving Touch Center New York, Certification 1995
1995 - 1996: Rotterdam College for Sportmassage, Diplome 1996

1996 - 2000: Shiatsu Academy in Belgium. Certified Shiatsupractitioner since 2000, Institute Du Mai, Belgium
2000 - 2003: 4 dimensional Art of Life and Bodywork, Belgium, Diplome 2003
2007 - ongoing: Further training in Medicinal Chi Kung, Meridian Chi Kung and Alchemy of Bodywork 


1994 - ongoing: Teacher and Choreographer for Contemporary dance, Composition, Dance Improvisation
1998 - ongoing: Practice for Shiatsu and Dynamic Bodywork
2003 - 2005: Assisting students in their process in the 4 dimensional bodywork and alchemy of life college
2011 - ongoing: Teacher Meridian Chi Kung