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In Company Training

Training in your company or in travel form.

Life Projects In Company Training

For an overview of the various possibilities of our Alchemy of Leadership program, we recommend you to consult this webpage:

Content of our Life Projects In Company Training

Structure Team Training:

  • Clarifying where strengths and talents lie and which parts of the potential is still to be developped. Experience and learn how to develop this, what opportunities this provides and to create from this starting point in both work and work environment.
  • Discover and connect with your essence. Learning to act from your essence in work and life.
  • Get more visibility on target and next steps in work.


Based on the by Life Projects developed potential scan, we will explore and clarify four dimensions of life, leadership and organization (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and life aspects that can be found in the model of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). This through means of individual and joint exercises, nature experiences, reflections, dialogue, group discussion and practical examples.

You will learn techniques that you can continue to cultivate after this training, not only for yourself but also it your work.


Clarifying where individual and collective strengths and talents lie and what parts of the potential still to be developed. Natural, stable connection between the team members. Learn to apply this in practice, and to live and work as a vital and living organism. From the "everyone IN his element" feeling a reorientation of mission, vision and goals.  Inserting this as an added advantage to your customers and the market.


Depending on the demand of our customers, we choose two approaches. For a presentation (2 to 3 hours) or introduction day where the whole team can taste what Alchemy of Leadership is and what it can do for every individual as well as for the team. Or individual intakes with subsequently a certain number of training days in group.


These courses are strongly focused on discovering your potential as a person and as a leader, but also the application in practice:

Alchemy of Leadership - Human potential:

  • What is Alchemy of Leadership and organization?
  • Human potential.
  • Awaken human potential at the individual and the team.
  • The organization as an organism. How do you move to a living organization?
  • Nature as a teacher in leadership, team and organizational development.
  • Discover the core value of each individual and learn how to use it. Life and work from your core value as king/queen instead of from your ministers.
  • The king and the ministers (Soul / ego / personality) and how they work in human relations. Communicate consciously.

Alchemy of Leadership in Practice:

  • How to apply the principles of Alchemy of leadership into practice?
  • The pyramidal organization and the circular organization. How you can use both efficiently.
  • How do I make it practical and let it make my life and work easier and richer?
  • How do you separate the boxes and rolls of home, work, social etc, where so much energy and potential is lost?
  • How to apply the full potential of your being-human in the workplace and share this with your team, organization and customers.
  • FULL-OF-LIFE at work. How to introduce that in your team and in your organization. The full potential of the people in your organization. Are you really open for it? Or only the potential that you know yourself and that suits you? What are you afraid of?
  • How do you make a living environment "organismation", by creating balance between the four dimensions.  See and feel your organization a living body.
  • How to apply the spiritual and physical dimension in your work environment. How to introduce this in your organization.
  • Creating alchemy between product, people in your organization and your customers.
  • Connecting your own and you team's potentially creatively and  learn to connect them with vision and goals.
  • Map yourself and your team using the five elements. Are these qualities visible with you people? Look where there is stress and shortage is and how the necessary adjustments.
  • Personal, work, organization: align goals, direction and potentially.
  • How to let the alchemy flow into your existing organizational structures.
  • The connection between internal (individual) and external (team / organization) cultivation.
  • Practical case studies in order to learn how to apply the alchemy of leadership in practice


The training is organised by Dirk Oellibrandt, founder of Life Projects or by one of the certified instructors Life Projects. The complee program is fully customizes and planned. The in-company training is also possible in a travel form, which allows you to awake the dormant potential from a deep connection with nature. These trips take place on power-places abroad and therefore are very intensive. These sites were chosen because they are exactly in line with the various leadership topics.

Some References:

  • Various ministries in the Netherlands
  • Police management in the Netherlands
  • Colruyt Retail
  • Torfs Shoes
  • Microsoft Netherlands
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Leder1 housing
  • Cercle Brugge Football
  • RBM car racing team
  • The Kijvelanden Psychiatry
  • Twijnstra Gudde
  • Nyenrode Business University
  • Danone Foods
  • Schools of naturopathy


We also have an English leaflet on Alchemy of Leadership & Organisation: click here


Testimonials of three participants: Below you can see a short video in which Wouter Torfs, Frans Colruyt and Gonnie Been share their experience of Alchemy of Leadership with you.


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