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    Sat, 28/10/2023 - 09:30 to 17:30
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    € 160,- incl BTW
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Forming Your Essence

During the years of training in drawing, sculpture and ceramics, especially with Ingrid Rosschaert and Kris Haems, we were able to experience how spacious it is to create a sculpture. The joy and at the same time the peace you feel is a gift. Letting something arise from your core in your belly and connecting this to your heart / soul is what we do during this day.

The fact that we do this with clay, which is ultimately part of the earth, connects your core to this of the earth. And we want to take you with us in this. The statue you created is then like an anchor: every time you look at it, you see who you are in essence.

During the morning we sink deep into ourselves. First in the heart and from there to your core in your belly, this is how you meet your essence. Later in the day, each person makes contact with the lump of clay with closed eyes and allows what wants to arise from this connection. This may seem exciting or impossible to you and yet we see this happen time and time again.

We let your figurine dry, then it is biscuit baked, after which you can pick it up at the Life Projects center. If you want to glaze it, we can arrange this privately.


  • You have previously attended a Life Projects training course of your choice


  • This training is for both women and men
  • Price includes clay, working materials, bisque baking.
  • During this course, Katrien Laurens will be mentored by Jana Oellibrandt

Teachers during the training

Katrien Laurens

co-founder of Life Projects

The urge to help people guided her to an education of nurse, but after 15 years of working in a hospital she clashed with the structure and mentality in the job.

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