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Alchemy of Leadership - UK - 2019

Alchemie van Leidershap - Engeland

We’ll organize our Alchemy of Leadership Program in the UK (Earth and Fire) again. My wife Katrien will accompany us, bringing an extra dimension around the male/female theme.

Also, the authentic Alchemy master Tareth will introduce us for 2 days in his wonderful world of alchemy and the holy geometry of this region.



Tareth is one of the true spiritual masters of this time, besides all kinds of magical energetic powers, he is also a simple and humorous person. He says he has been living in Glastonbury for many lives, and is a protector of the place and ancient teachings of Avalon, the Holy Sword and the Grail. The combination of our own alchemy method, Tareth's contribution and the magic power field of this region promise a unique experience.

The whole region is famous for its pre-Celtic sites (Glastonbury, Stone Henge, Avebury), all of which radiate a particularly powerful energy. They are gates to the deep earth, the subconscious, the instinct and the female primal intelligence.
But they are also bridges between heaven and earth.
Being aware of these places often creates a deep memory and strength that you know inside, enhances your abdominal feel, natural rhythm, direction and velocity. It makes you quieter and more confident.

The whole region where we stay breathes mystery and alchemy. The power places in this region are all part of a special geometric structure. Primitive (?) people could easily feel this structure and the places, but modern people have lost the connection with their own body together with the earth. For example, across the east/west axis of England are 2 energy courses called the (Michael and Mary lines). Where they cross, special monuments are built throughout the course of several tribes over a period of several thousand years. These include stone circles and cathedrals, but also other constructions. Apparently all these tribes discovered the same energetic pattern in the earth.

In my experience, in the art of leadership and organizational science, the feeling of the naturally present structure is a major asset.
This place teaches you to develop this feeling again.

In addition to the powerful Pre Celtic sites, there are also a number of distinctive Christian places (Salisbury, Bath, Wells, Glastonbury ...) that radiate a more fire quality and pure soul energy. They help you to open and purify your true heart and live in the light of your king (or queen). This forms the basis for value-driven leadership as well as a sense of peace, rest and guidance.

The alchemy of Earth and Fire symbolizes the unity between man and earth, or the soul in the body. It wakes up the earth and the body and brings you to the pure memory of what you as human being is your place on earth and what you have to do.
In my opinion, Tareth is the most powerful living master who can free this memory.


We stay at the beautiful Woolley Grange hotel.
A quiet place with a homely atmosphere in a green environment.
The program will consist of deep initiatives (also by Tareth), introspection, charing rounds, exercises, visits to power stations and...what is needed in the moment.

I've "come home" with the feeling that my life and my job as a leader have become easier and lighter, that it may be more "playing". 'See', play and work with the elements and the intelligences that appear. The quiet but intense contact with the group and nature (literally with earth, heaven, water and fire) sharpened me what is essential to myself. It also gave me insight, acceptance and trust that my mind is only one way to get to the right (inter) action. In difficult moments wanting to talk and analyze is no longer a must and I've come to the conclusion that the answer lies sometimes in silence, if you really listen to the silence. Life Initiations was a profound and "real" experience, partly also because Dirk regularly poured his own work with a light sauce of putting yourself into perspective and humor.

Frans Colruyt, COO Colruyt Group, participant in Life Initiations 2008-2009




Please register at least 14 days in advance through the registration form below. So that we can make all practical arrangements in time in order for this training to take place.


Teachers during the training

Dirk Oellibrandt

Dirk Oellibrandt

Founder of Life Projects

Dirk is a traditional and at the same time modern alchemist. Free from the limitations of religion and the illusions of the world and with the power and freedom of the original spiritual wisdom.

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Katrien Laurens

Katrien Laurens

co-founder of Life Projects

The urge to help people guided her to an education of nurse, but after 15 years of working in a hospital she clashed with the structure and mentality in the job.

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At the age of six Tareth's heart stopped and he had a near death experience.

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