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Mieke Bruneel

All my life I have been fascinated and curious about what drives and leads people and what makes people thrive or just block. The challenges in my own life have always been opportunities to deepen and draw on my internal source of opportunities to deal with it. I believe that learning and becoming more aware is an inevitable and continuous part of life and I feel blessed to be able to fully live it in my work.

I think every person has a unique value and there is nothing more beautiful than that people come to that value and who also dare to live fully.

That I can and may guide people in discovering their true potential and may be part of their journey to shape that potential in their lives and work is a gift.

As an entrepreneur, I am creative and eager to guide other entrepreneurs in their journey to who they are, what they really desire and how they can shape that in the here and now.

I am the mother of 4 beautiful people, I am a dancer, a playwright, a musician, a writer, a bon vivant and I particularly love simplicity and intensity.


Feel welcome for a life check, that is a first session in which we explore together where you are now in each of your areas of life and define what you need now.