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Kathlien Bridoux

Life Projects Coach
Alchemy of Bodywork Practitioner
Life Force Ritual Teacher



Basic price € 90,- for 60 to 90 min. Also possible online.
Life Check € 45,- / 30 minutes incl VAT (a Life Check is a short, intensive session to see where you are in your life now)

My continuous search for 'How do I find balance, energy, joy of life? How do I deal with my sensitivity? Who am I as a woman? How do I feel like a valuable mother? ' has led me to many courses. I started in 2011 with studies foot reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy and evolutionary psychology, but with Bodywork the spark was really there!

I find it incredibly fascinating how our bodies tell us much more than we can with words. By feeling what is going on below the surface, the most crucial topics emerge. I myself went through a major transformation by going deeper into my body and saw that how we feel in our body is connected with how we think, how we feel in our relationships, our place in the world. Feeling what is good for you and experiencing your true limits and desires is more natural when you are truly in your body. By being more deeply connected with your body, you can strengthen your vital energy, your primal power, the confidence in your own body and mind. I wish that for you!

Together with you I look at the real meaning of the challenges, pain, encounters, talents and moments of happiness in your life. I take you on a journey within yourself, so that you can meet yourself, feel yourself behind the masks, learned beliefs and survival strategies. So that your qualities and deeper potential can show themselves. In this way you gradually get to know yourself better from a deeper layer, you gain insight into who you really are and what life requires of you.

Bodywork uses a collection of techniques that work deeply into the different bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). With the necessary variation in intensity, your entire system is brought back into flow so that you can breathe more freely in your body and life.

I am specialized in the topics: desire to have children - pregnancy - postpartum period – parenthood.

When my son Ilai was born in 2012, I experienced the immense beauty and primal power of giving life. And nothing was ever more profound, more transformative than becoming a mother. Nothing more enriching than going on the road with him. That is why I also specialized in the desire to have children, pregnancy, postpartum period and parenthood. For example, I like to guide (future) parents in welcoming, receiving and setting out with their child (ren). More info on www.innata.be