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Alchemy of Leadership - new formula

Management training

Alchemy of Leadership

For an overview of the various possibilities of our Alchemy of Leadership program: More

In the autumn of 2018, however, these trainings will not start & we will focus on our Alchemy of Leadership journeys that are a valuable replacement (More info & brochure in our calendar).

Our new leadership program is a fusion of the original Alchemy of Leadership program and the Life Initiations program organized at different places of power in France, Switzerland, China and Great Britain is.
Our new program has a significantly lower price, goes through at our Life Projects Center in Hamme (BE) and this in the form of 4 modules (8 days in total). This way it is much more accessible for you, your colleagues and your employees.

This new Alchemy of Leadership formula will help you as a person and as a leader to awaken the unused potential and learning how to apply it effectively in practice. Where almost all the leadership trainings stretch or change the known potential, we instead especially focus on those fields that are not used at all.

Leaders give us feedback that we can make spirituality practical and make the physical dimension very practical as well. It will also give more calmness and "wellbeing" for individuals and teams, combined with a higher effectiveness.

This training consists of 4 modules (module 1, module 2, module 3A, module 3B ) of in total 8 days (which can be followed separately too). The 4 modules explore key leadership themes on the basis of the natural elements, the modules 3A and 3B are the most practical oriented.


Alchemie van Leiderschap: aarde en vuur module


MODULE 1: Earth and Fire

  • Element Earth: The physical dimension. Grounding, remain at the core of the matter. Learning to let tension go, your own shadow side and knowing the impact.
  • Element Fire: The emotional dimension. Clarity about your emotional palette. The true leader heart. Stand in the heat of battle. Leading with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Initiations in both elements.
  • How to apply these elements in the practice of leadership.



Alchemie van Leiderschap: hemel en aarde module


MODULE 2: Heaven and Water

  • Element Air (heaven): Mastering the mental dimension in a more creative way. Creating space for what really matters. What leads (not pushing) you as a leader?
  • Water Element: Surrender, let go. Recharge your batteries in the silence of winter. Water as a source of vitality in your life, your leadership, your organization. The power of not knowing.
  • Initiations in both elements.
  • How to apply these elements in the practise of leadership.



MODULE 3 A+B: Man, Life and World (2X2 days)

MODULE 3 A: Man and Life

  • Life and leadership from your core ...
  • Release the creative potential in yourself and the people in your organization.
  • Cultivation within yourself and outside yourself. Internal and external Alchemy connected with each other.
  • Being ma/woman at work.
  • Explore the human potential according to the seven directions.
  • Connecting the power of ancestral energy and spiritual energy in your core (strengthening vertical axis) 
  • How to apply the alchemy of leadership in the practice of your leadership.
  • A testimonial and tips from a successful leader who is already using these principles in practice.

MODULE 3 B: Man and World

  • Making a living organization. Blood Images and organisms as examples.
  • Your team and organization development as a living organism. A new direction for yourself, your team, your organization. 
  • The dynamics between human potential, functional potential and your clientele. 
  • Watching obstacles through alchemy glasses. 
  • How to apply the learned matter in practice.
  • Nature as an example to transform your team and organization.
  • Being in your element. Discover your own element and the elements of people around you.
  • Analysis of your team and organization, according to the elements.
  • The elements connected to your core and how to speak, act, work, live from that place.
  • Exercises and  exploring together how to apply the alchemy in your specific work situation.
  • A testimonial and tips from a successful leader who is already using these principles in practice.


Each module is quite different, but still has the same elements, namely:

  • Self-reflection: Where do I stand when it comes to these issues?
  • Experience new things, explore. Initiations into the elements. Join the inexhaustible creative power of nature again.
  • How can you develop this new potential (through tips, exercises ...) and how you can you apply it yourself in the reality of your work.


We also have an English leaflet on Alchemy of Leadership & Organisation: click here


These trainings will be held at Life Projects in Hamme. 



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Alchemy of Leadership - UK - 2019 Life Projects Monday, 11 March, 2019 - 09:30 More info...