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Alchemy of Coaching

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Alchemy of Coaching

How do I work with people as a coach, consultant, teacher or therapist, accordant the integral principal of the great parent company: nature?

The quality of the coach determines the result:

Coaching is about people. The main part of the effect of a coaching lies with the quality of the coach.
In his or her skills, abilities and limitations. But also in the degree of presence of the coach.
To what extent are you at "home" and 'online' during a coaching session?

Each of the human layers has its own typical nature.
By understanding this internal alchemy and cultivating it you can develop the ability to achieve effects in all these different layers.
What is required for the coach, is a shift in his own physical, emotional and mental attitude towards life.

Which piece of your own potential are you not using during your coachings? How do I process flows and 'know' what is right for me to do or say at the right time?

What you will learn:

  • How do I guide people professionally as a coach, teacher or therapist, according to the integral principle of the large mother-company, nature?
  • How do I take them on their journey to discover gold?
  • How do I develop the awareness, attitudes, and internal and external connections, to ensure that my approach has a profound effect.
  • How do I become a gate to the field of infinite possibilities?

A multi-dimensional view of man and the world is necessary for this. Dirk has the reputation to be able to read people and see them as few can.
He takes you hereby into his own deep inner feeling and perception in which you will preceive not only yourself,
but also the people and the world around you in a much broader / integrated view.

For who:

This intense training is suitable for anyone who wants to be a coach, and for coaches, consultants and leaders who want to teach others to read what is happening on a physical / energetic / emotional / mental / group level.
You also learn how interpret this sea of ​​impressions into a practical and efficient practices and an understandable language.

Components of the program:

Alchemy of Coaching consists of two parts:

     Alchemy of Coaching - basic training
     Alchemy of Coaching - practical workshops (these workshops can be followed separately)

Program Alchemy of Coaching - basic training:

  • Alchemy of Life / alchemy of coaching: what and how
  • Discover the authentic life laws and implement them
  • Connect to the three axes so you become one
  • The problem, the question and what it is really about (see through)
  • Develop the body / mind sensor and learning to use it
  • Sensitivity / perceiving truth / 4D perception
  • Observer / perception and awareness of what is really happening
  • Develop Higher sensitivity in the 4 Dimensions
  • Your own inner wisdom and the language in which it fits
  • Creating a field of alchemy in which you take the other
  • The core of man / the core of the story
  • Timing and intensity: fine tuning
  • Physical / emotional / mental / spiritual communication
  • Five elements theory and how to apply as a diagnostic tool
  • Energetic diagnosis


Program Alchemy of Coaching - practical workshops

Workshop A: Communication

  • The power and potential impact of verbal communication
  • Speaking from a conscious connection of the heart with the spirit, soul and body
  • Identify the seasonal cycles in an interview
  • effective communication
  • Recognize elementals (thought forms) and learning to shape and change them
  • Communication from silence
  • Using the body as a sound box

Workshop B: Negotiation

  • Expose as a coach the core of the problem of your coachees .
  • The challenge to having coachees understand by using awareness and the "common interest"
  • Creating awareness of the coachees connection with inner conflict (past) and the opportunity the conflict provides in the future
  • Alchemy of negotiation is coaching on the cutting edge, where you will learn to use the depth of your own core more effectively and also to see conflicts in a larger perspective. The result is a more meaningful and sustainable solution

Workshop C: Individual Coaching

  • 9 Star Ki in individual coaching
  • Bring natural balance between core and everyday life
  • The language of alchemy (communication): simple, natural and precise
  • How to bring nature back. Evaluation of what is missing and plan of approach
  • The Life Projects Potential Scan
  • Deepen, connect and apply the skills learned in the basic training

Workshop D: Organisation and Team Coaching

  • How to insert the physical / spiritual dimension in a team or organization
  • Mission / vision development from within alchemy
  • The Life Projects Potential Scan
  • 9 Star Ki TeamScan
  • Organismations: from dead matter (organism) to living organization. How to bring nature back into a team and organization.